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Did You Know GM Brought Us Traction Control?

Did You Know GM Brought Us Traction Control?

While current traction control systems make it easier to keep control when the driving is challenging, you might not know they date back to the 1970s. In a decade where more regulations caused cars to become harder to live with, GM found a way to […]

The Chevrolet Volt has Grown Up

The Chevrolet Volt has Grown Up

The previous model of the Chevrolet Volt was one that offered you a cabin filled with technology that was a bit too in-your-face. That has all changed. We’re now in the second year of the second generation of this vehicle and it has become one […]

Gasoline or Diesel; How About a Combination

For the past century or more, since we have used the internal combustion engine to operate vehicles we have heard of a variety of engineers and companies working to try and make these engines more efficient and in the past few decades at least offer […]

Toyota Lights Up Yellowstone with Old Hybrid Batteries

Batteries on hybrid vehicles lose their ability to maintain a proper charge for powering a vehicle over time, but that doesn’t mean they are useless. The nickel metal hydride battery packs used in Toyota vehicles can be put to use for other purposes. One of […]

New Ford Expedition Has Size When it’s Needed Most

As many vehicle shoppers are moving toward smaller, more agile and more fuel efficient models, there is still a need for some for the larger more cumbersome SUV’s. The Ford Expedition is such an SUV and has gained a ton of great updates to continue […]

Top 10 SUVs with Great Gas Mileage

When looking for a great SUV, fuel efficiency can be very important. The cumbersome vehicles lumber down the road and in many cases doesn’t offer any fuel efficiency to speak of. When looking in the Luxury SUV class this can be even more important to […]