The Automotive Industry, Briefly

Month: August 2016

This SUV isn’t Hiding in its Name

The profile view of this vehicle is one of a car that has been lifted up on a taller stance. It seems to be a strange look to have a vehicle this raked to have four doors and set up on an SUV platform, but […]

The Perfect American Road Trip

There is one road in the US that’s more talked about as the road to travel when you want to take a road trip. This road is not an interstate that will deliver you at faster speeds across the country, it’s a laid back stretch […]

A Marriage Made Better

08.18.16 - A Screenshot of Some Video

Since the beginning of the building of the first wagon that was pulled by horses vehicles have been used to make it easier to move cargo from one place to another. This practice is one that has changed over time, but vehicles that are built today continue on this grand tradition of being able to haul products from one place to another, but there are times when the vehicles we purchase don’t have this capability.


You Don’t Need to Warm Up Your Vehicle Anymore

There is an old school of thought that says warming up your vehicle on cold mornings is necessary in order to have it reach the correct operating temperature. In some places you can still see this take place with people warming their vehicles up for […]

2016 Infiniti QX80: The Height of The Luxury SUV Class

Forget the Escalade or Navigator, the GL-Class and LX are yesterday’s news, what you really want is the Infiniti QX80. This big and bold large luxury SUV offers you the character you’re looking for with all the features you could ever want inside. Large, looming, […]

Cars that Can Read Hand Signals

08.02.16 - Google Car

If you want a car that can read the hand signals when driving you might find yourself and your vehicle offended. The last time I checked there was typically only one hand signal used on the roads from driver to driver and it’s not a pleasant one at all. When it comes to the ability to understand hand signals the ones that matter on the road are those which are used by cyclists as they ride their bikes around. While I’m not exactly sure how many cyclists use hand signals anymore, these are important indicators of the intentions of the cyclist that should be understood by cars before we have fully autonomous vehicles.