The Automotive Industry, Briefly

Month: May 2016

And So It Begins…

The changes we see in the automotive world have been widespread for many years. We have gone from low power to learning how to create power with turbocharging and supercharging, from terrible engines to efficient and powerful smaller engines and even added hybrid powertrains to […]

Finally! It’s Here!

The automotive world has been one that has experienced delays in a way that others haven’t. Most of the time a delay in the automotive world causes moans and groans, but is somewhat expected, especially when the delay is for a much anticipated model that […]

What Can You Have on a Strict Budget?

05.21.16 - 2007 Nissan Murano

The reality of life is many of us are on a tighter budget than we would like to be. When it comes to the challenges of having a family and needing a serviceable and reliable vehicle that can fit everyone while giving you the space you want it’s hard to imagine being able to buy an SUV for less than $10,000, but it can be done. You do need to do your homework and you probably won’t have any factory warranty left, but there are plenty of great SUVs on the market today in the used car lots of the world for this price or less.


Developing Diesel at Ford

Ford has announced it has a new EcoBlue engine that will be the diesel used in smaller diesel powered vehicles in the future. This engine is expected to eventually be part of the Transit lineup and is made to not only work well in the […]

A Car that has Evolved Without Compromise

When a car has been on the market for forty years or more there is expected to be changes that make the car look much different with every model year. Take a look at the Chevrolet Camaro; the models of today don’t look anything like […]

What Family Car do You Want?

05.09.16 - 2016 Honda Accord

When you have to shop for a new vehicle there are many factors to consider. On today’s market we have to consider not only the vehicle itself, but what it offers compared to others on the market. Many of today’s sedans have a style and performance that make the sedans of years ago look and feel like they were afterthoughts just because this was the segment of the market that we shopped the most. Even though it felt as though automakers weren’t making an effort for years in this segment, they really were and this has been one of the most competitive segments for many years.


Supercars that Aren’t Talked About

We know about Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and even McLaren. These four are supercar companies that stay at the top or near the top of our lists at all times but what we forget about are some of the other companies in the world that are […]

When a Minivan Makes the Best Choice

The change of SUVs to smaller unibody builds and designs has brought us full circle when it comes to the minivan. Even though these vehicles have only been around for a short period of time compared to the entire automotive market, they are quickly disappearing […]