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Month: January 2015

A Price Increase and the end of a Super Bowl Hiatus

The BMW i3 comes into 2015 with only a very small change from the 2015 which is a price increase of $1,050. Those of you who bought the 2014 model might be wiping your brows in relief of dodging this bullet, but wait. The real […]

2015 BMW 2 Series: A Small Car that Packs a Huge Punch

The old saying that “good things come in small package” is very true of the entire line of the BMW 2 Series. These cars have a great deal of power, performance and dynamics to enjoy and now for this year BMW has equipped two of […]

An EcoBoost Powered Mustang Gives Plenty of Power for Pony Lovers

EcoBoost Mustang

Even though the top of the line GT is always going to be the gold standard and show off with is muscular V8 engine that offers a roar and a pull that will plant you in the front seat with your face plastered in a permanent smile the four-cylinder EcoBoost Mustang has a lot to love. In previous years the four-cylinder was easily discernible from the GT and everyone who saw your Mustang would know you were driving one that was somewhat less than desirable. That is no longer the case, in fact now the simple reality is only a few features give the two a different look from the outside, making this one of the most attractive sub-GT versions of the Mustang ever.

Not only does an EcoBoost powered Mustang show off with great stylings and features that make it attractive to just about any Pony Car lover, (except those who must have the GT), but this version is a lot of fun to drive. With a smaller engine and an easy shift throw the EcoBoost makes driving and moving through the gears a smooth and fun transition which allows you to feel in full control of the car.


2015 Lexus RC: Sporty and Stylish Combine in this Luxury Sport Coupe

Lexus has a long and storied history of offering luxury cars at a price that many can afford. With a badge that hasn’t been known for speed and power, but rather one that offers a smooth ride, luxurious feel and more features for the money […]