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Toyota Continues to Make Investments in Youth Education

Toyota has been leading the way when it comes to donating a variety of programs and developing contests to challenge young students in various areas around the country to showcase their interests in a variety of science and technology programs. This development is a strong investment in the future of the automotive industry and of the company programs offered that will allow the growth and development of future technologies like Toyota’s Dynamic Force Engine. The belief that the youth of today are the leaders of the world tomorrow is one that Toyota has subscribed to for many years.

Recently, the Toyota USA Foundation, in a collaboration with Project Lead The Way awarded $400,000 in grants to various schools in the San Antonio area. This grant money will be used to provide curriculum and teacher professional development with a strong focus on computer science, engineering, and biomedical science. There will be 25 schools that will receive a portion of this grant which will join 115 other schools in the US that have benefited from the Toyota USA Foundation grants over the course of the past several years. This is a serious commitment to the growth and development of our teachers and youth in these areas of study.

Toyota Invests in Problem Solving at the Youth Levels

Critical thinking and problem solving are some of the most important skills that any company needs in the people that work for them. The programs that Toyota is investing in will help build these skills along with team building programs through the use of hands-on learning programs that are being offered. Last year, Toyota USA Foundation awarded the Southwest Independent School District a $1.7-miion grant to add robotics, conveyors, and other technology-based learning tools to classrooms. This grant created what is now called “smart” classrooms to offer specialized programs.

While the standard learning and curriculum offered in most schools are still paramount, offering programs that bring real-world challenges and opportunities to schools to help students learn skills they will need for the future is invaluable. With many schools reducing the number of hands-on programs offered due to budget cuts or lack of interest, Toyota is investing in bringing advanced technology programs back into the schools around the US to help make certain students have the opportunity to learn the skills that can only come from being faced with a problem that must be solved.

As a leader in the automotive industry, Toyota is working to build a stronger and smarter future workforce in the US. Toyota is among several automakers that have a foreign name but currently have one or more manufacturing and assembly plants in the US. As the global market has shrunk and lines have been blurred, it only makes sense for these large companies to invest in their future workforce so that they can continue to innovate and build vehicles like the Toyota 4Runner. The schools that receive this additional aid will certainly be able to put the education and programs to good use to make sure the students of these schools are able to gain the skills needed for the future.


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