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What’s the Right Accessory for You?

12.20.16 - Apple CarPlay

One of the most fun parts about driving a car you love is tricking it out with parts and accessories that make it easier for you to enjoy the benefits of how you want to drive. When that vehicle is made by Volkswagen you can have a plethora of aftermarket items that can be right for the ride and give you that added feature you’ve been looking for. Loving your VW model is easy and when you add any of these great accessories you can enjoy the ride and the added benefit they give you.

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The Old Way Might Still be the Best Way

09.27.16 - Hacker

Do you remember when cars could only be opened by using a key? Not an electronic key fob that allows you to simply push a button, but a key that was similar to the one you use to open the door of your home. With the information that’s been revealed by a research team from the University of Birmingham in a collaboration with the German engineering firm of Kasper & Oswald over 100 million Volkswagen models can be hacked into with a device that costs no more than $40 for all the parts.

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Volkswagen May Have a Fix for the V6 Engines

07.28.16 - 2016 Porsche Cayenne

Last September most of the world was shocked to find out that Volkswagen had been cheating on emissions tests for many years. The discovery in August by a university in West Virginia and then the reveal to the world in September showed the diesel engines in Volkswagen models were fitted with a cheat device that activated the emissions control unit whenever the vehicle was hooked up to be tested. When the vehicle was not being tested the ECU would not function and the vehicle could emit up to forty times the allowable emissions into the atmosphere.

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2016 Volkswagen CC: The Original Four Door Coupe

01.28.16 - 2016 Volkswagen CC

For years any car with four doors had to be put in the sedan category but over the past several years that has changed. The Volkswagen CC offers the original look of a four door coupe which looks a lot like a Passat with a body change that allows for frameless glass and a build that is perfect for those of us who want a car that is a great drive and offers a sportier look than most sedans. The CC gives you more of the higher end features than the Passat to give you a great car with the features you want to enjoy.

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TDI: The New Initials for Diesel Powered Volkswagens

Volkswagen Diesel

Volkswagen continues to stay at the forefront of innovative engineering, especially as it relates to their diesel engines.  The newest of these innovations in the great line of Volkswagen automobiles is to add TDI to the engine, but what is TDI?

TDI is the acronym for Turbocharged Direct Injection and meant for the diesel engines of Volkswagen to allow both turbocharging and cylinder-direct fuel injection.  The main difference from the older diesel engines is the direct injection part of the TDI format.  In older model diesel engines the fuel is sprayed in to a pre-combustion chamber rather than directly into the main combustion chamber, which is what the TDI format delivers.

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