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How Can You Save on Your Car Insurance?

One of the most annoying bills you pay every month is your car insurance. Insurance in general is a bit of a unique gamble for you and for the insurance company. Considering you’re paying a company a small amount each month to say they will […]

What is Lugging Your Engine and Why You Shouldn’t do it

What is Lugging Your Engine and Why You Shouldn’t do it

The term “Lugging Your Engine” is meant to imply you’re making your engine work harder than it should to get up to speed. This means you’re in a gear that’s higher than you should be when you’re driving a manual transmission vehicle. This is extremely […]

Tips for Selling Your Car

01.09.17 - Car for Sale

There’s no doubt the best deal you can get on your car is the one you can make. When you trade your car in at a dealership you’re likely to get an offer which is much lower than the Blue Book value of your vehicle because of the work the dealership will have to put into reselling your car. Rather than trade in your ride, get a great price by selling it yourself, but do so with these six easy to follow tips to help you get the right price for you on the car you’ve loved for many miles already.


Did You Ever Think to Fix Your Odometer?

The little dials that tick off the miles of our vehicle have changed over the years to be digital in most cars that are made now, but if you have a vehicle that still has the analog version with the spinning dials you might have […]

Don’t Ever Do This; No Matter How Cool the Car Is

With the modern age of electronics and digital technology we now have quicker and more access to nearly everything. While this gives us a world that feels and seems smaller because we can more easily connect across continents it’s also opened the doors for new […]

You Don’t Need to Warm Up Your Vehicle Anymore

08.10.16 - Snow-Covered Car

There is an old school of thought that says warming up your vehicle on cold mornings is necessary in order to have it reach the correct operating temperature. In some places you can still see this take place with people warming their vehicles up for as much as thirty minutes before heading out and driving to work for the day. While this was at one time a good idea, with vehicles of today you no longer need to warm up your engine at all, you can instead start your car and go and it will warm up on the way, which is actually better for your car.


Change Your Driving Habits to Match Your Transmission

The advancements made in the automotive world are nearly as many and as fast as the technology sector. Not only do we now see vehicles that have a wide variety of exceptional technology packed into their features, but we also see improvements in the mechanical […]