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More EV Performance on the Way

More EV Performance on the Way

The recent announcement that Tesla has upgraded the Roadster and is ready to offer this car as an impressive performance model in the 2020 model to be the fastest electric performance car on the market, brings us the thought of the competition. It might not […]

An EV Race that Will Leave You Amazed

An EV Race that Will Leave You Amazed

In order to get the word out and make us realize a new EV company is coming into the game Faraday Future will challenge the current leader of the EV market at a race in the location we enjoy every year. While Faraday has been […]

Tesla is Expanding but May Run into a Huge Snag

09.06.16 - Tesla Building

News has come that Tesla is working to add a new retail store every four days over the next year in order to expand their global reach. The focus is on markets that include Taipei, Seoul and Mexico City with added expansion in markets that it already has strength in such as the California market. Even though there are some states that still don’t have Tesla stores in them the company sees itself as able to expand easily to offer a new experience for those shoppers who don’t want the typical dealer experience that’s part of our normal vehicle shopping strategy.


Is History Going to Repeat Itself?

The technology of today has advanced the automotive industry beyond what some of us have ever thought possible, but one company stands out ahead of the rest when it comes to the overall use of advanced technology. This company is Tesla which is a startup […]

Singapore is Up to Something

A new owner of a new car in Singapore was just hit with a fine of over $10,000 because his new car ranked in the dirtiest category of high-pollution cars in the country. Did this man buy a tractor trailer or a Hummer H1; no, […]