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What Happens to Super Cars After an Accident

11.01.16 - Georgia Tech

The pictures we’ve seen over the past several years have shown some owners of supercars who end up wrecking them soon after they’re purchased. In some cases the owners simply buy a replacement car and in others the cars are repaired back to the status they were before the wreck. These high priced supercars, and even some of our mainstream models are made from a material that until recently has been difficult to recycle because of its singular use when molded and shaped. It seems we now have a way to recycle this material and make it useful once again to be part of another vehicle.

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Will Your Smartphone Replace Standard Key Fobs?

Smartphone Key Fob

Smartphones are amazing and have increasingly given us the ability to do things we never dreamed they could. In the beginning, it was only talking on the phone and texting, but they have evolved dramatically over the years. From streaming music and navigation, to apps that allow you to play games, find the cheapest gasoline, and skype or snapchat that allow you to talk face to face, our smartphones seem to do it all. Continue reading

In Car Technology that makes a Huge Difference

Blind Spot Monitoring

No longer just an engine and four wheels, cars, trucks, SUVs and vans have made huge strides over a long period of time to become easier to drive, more comfortable, more useful and much more enjoyable.

Long gone are the days of not having power steering or a decent suspension, here today almost every car made is well-equipped with technology and advances in safety that would not have seemed possible several years ago.

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