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Taking Steps Forward

04.12.16 - Subaru Logo

It seems every automaker on the market has something new to prove each year. This year Subaru has impressed the world with the announcement of a new scalable platform that will underpin every single model in the brand. This will have a dramatic impact on Subaru as a whole and give us a lineup of vehicles that are similar across the board to make it easy to choose which one is right for use to drive. Just find the one that fits your family and your needs and you are off with the Subaru model that is perfect for your driving habits.

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Subaru Outback, Great Loyalty, Great Vehicle

2014 Subaru Outback

With all the commercial showing us that the Outback is a go anywhere, appearing to be a slightly larger than average wagon on larger wheels this car has an unquestioned following to make owners of other vehicles stop and think.  Anyone who wants a car that can haul it, camp it, push it or pull it should certainly shop at their nearby Subaru dealership and check out the Outback.

Offering exceptional handling in all types of weather the Outback has an excellent series of upgrades for 2014 to add more functionality to the already functional Swiss Army Knife of the car world.  Most popular among buyers in the Snow Belt, the Cold Weather Package has been made standard on the Premium model along with a LCD display radio.  The Premium model is also offered with a navigation system and EyeSight driver assistance to aid the driver in knowing where they are going and making the drive as safe as possible.

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