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Future Models We’re Looking Forward To

Future Models We’re Looking Forward To

Over the next few years we’re going to see several new models of cars that we admire and want to drive offered on the market, from BMW, Cadillac, and more. The model years between 2019 and 2022 will bring us a variety of excellent new […]

A New Toyota Corolla for You to Love

A New Toyota Corolla for You to Love

Recently, the Toyota team brought a new model of the Corolla to the New York International Auto Show to give us a look at what a hatchback model of this car will look like. This car is ready to be part of the 2019 model […]

A Historic Event Inspired a Model

A Historic Event Inspired a Model

August 21 of this year marked a date that offered us a look at something that we haven’t seen in many years and won’t see again for several more. The total eclipse of the sun had us all looking up at the sky in anticipation of the moon passing in front of the sun and this event has given the inspiration to one brand to offer us a pair of trucks that carry in the qualities and performance we want while now having a look that we’ve come to admire and enjoy one the road. (more…)

Autonomous Features Continue to Grow

The partnership between Renault and Nissan continues to be one that benefits both companies and the announcement has been made that has informed us they plan to offer more autonomous technology in ten vehicles between now and 2020.  These vehicles will be offered in the […]

What is the Future Car for Nissan?

The Nissan IDS is one that appears to be the futuristic car that Nissan is developing to give us a car that not only offers a great battery pack but can also drive you wherever you need to go.  The goal at Nissan and at […]

Recall of Nissan GT-R and Infiniti EX and FX due to Steering Column

2008 Infiniti EX35

Losing control of your vehicle would be an extremely scary endeavor. For owners of some Nissan GT-R models as well as Infinity EX and FX models this could very well be a reality. Due to a design flaw in the outer tube of the steering column of these vehicles a driver could lose temporary or permanent control of their vehicle, causing a collision. A statement released by Nissan North America quotes representatives as stating: (more…)

Due for a Redesign, the Nissan Titan Has a Lot to Offer

The Nissan Titan is Nissan’s answer to the need to compete in the American truck market.  Since its launch, the Titan has turned heads and pleased eyes by offering a bold look, lots of power, and comfort for the entire crew. Unfortunately it has been […]