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Opening the Year the Right Way (Part 2) – Detroit Auto Show

Opening the Year the Right Way (Part 2) – Detroit Auto Show

Here are a few more of the brands we expect to see at the Detroit Auto Show and what they will bring for us to admire and look forward to as the New Year begins. This first show of the year has been known to […]

A Repair Needs to be Done

A Repair Needs to be Done

One of the newest powerful SUV models on the market is the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk which makes use of the amazing power that comes out of the Hellcat engine that we find in the lineups from the FCA teams. This new SUV is an […]

Super Bowl Car Ads; Some of the Best Ever

02.17.16 - Christopher Walken Kia Commercial

The Super Bowl gives companies a platform for advertising that is unlike any other. With the largest crowd of the year watching this one event companies pay more money each year for the right to advertise during this game even if it’s only a spot that takes up thirty seconds of time. The visibility for this one spot is a great way for companies to show off new products which is one reason why so many car companies are advertised during this big game. It probably doesn’t hurt that car companies make more money than most other industries as well to have the advertising budgets to handle the cost of multiple spots. With that in mind, here is what we saw during Super Bowl 50.


2015 Jeep Patriot: A Fan Favorite that Offers a Great Value

The Jeep Patriot has made its way into the hearts and minds of many Jeep owners over several years. Even though the current model is aging, it offers a great value and is the least expensive SUV on the market at its base price. As […]