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An Epic Rivalry Continues Between the Camry and Accord

An Epic Rivalry Continues Between the Camry and Accord

The battle between affordable midsize sedans has been waged between the Toyota and Honda brands with the Camry and Accord making their way to the market as two of the giants that have been able to be favorites on the market for our daily drive […]

Short Driver’s Unite

Short Driver’s Unite

If you’re a short person or you know someone who is, the challenge of being able to touch the floor in a vehicle or in a chair can be difficult. You need a car that allows you to reach everything without the use of a […]

Popularity can be the Reason

white Hyundai Sonata 2016

When you see a large crowd purchasing the same thing on the day the item comes out for sale, such as the newest iPhone or next great tech gadget, you might wonder if the item is really as good as it was advertised to be.  On the other hand, nearly a year of sales and an item that is still popular and desirable could cause you to feel you can trust the crowds and take advantage of the item for sale.


The Most Reviewed Sedans for 2015

Sedans are the largest class of vehicle on the market and offer the most economical option in most cases for owners to enjoy.  Offering great fuel efficiency as well as excellent performance and capability, sedans are general the most affordable vehicles not only to purchase […]