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This Really isn’t a Kid’s Toy

10.26.16 - Go Karts

The original versions of go karts were normally built by dads who wanted to spend some time with their kids building something cool in the garage. Even though moms wouldn’t allow a full size car to be built, what harm could a lawnmower engine and some sheets of plywood actually be? When the go kart came out of the garage for the first time it was to the delight of the dad and the kids who made and the certain chagrin of the mom who was hoping they would get bored and give up on the idea.

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This is Certainly the Ruination of the Neighborhood

10.25.16 - Sussex County, Delaware

Those of us old enough to remember when it didn’t matter which adult in the neighborhood disciplined us it counted have seen what neighborhoods have become. With most of us working more than fifty hours a week, the need for multiple incomes in the home, and a serious lack of free time on our hands the neighborhoods of old have all but gone away. Today you’d be lucky to know who your neighbors are, let alone have them care that your kids are doing something they shouldn’t be doing, which may be what brought about this story.

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