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Bringing Back Some Heritage

07.16.16 - Ford GT ’66 Heritage Edition

The new Ford GT is something many of the younger generations have never seen. This is a supercar from Ford that offers what makes the exotics from Europe great. The smooth lines, the attention to the need for increased downforce, the power that pumps out of a V6 and the handling are all in place to make this a car that should win a lot of races and will certainly be gobbled up by those who can afford to own such a car. What most of the younger crowds aren’t aware of is the fact that the Ford GT has been around before and was a dominating car.

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Another Bit of Information for the Ford GT that is Coming

Gorilla Glass Ford GT

The Ford GT is one of the most talked about cars of the year and it’s not even on the road yet.  This all started last January when the GT stole the show in Detroit as a car that was unexpected but showed up in concept mode as a car that would soon be produced.  The Ford GT brings back a name that invokes a technologically advanced power machine that can be one of the top sports cars on the road and now it shows up with yet another piece of what this dynamic beauty will be built with.

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