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The Chevrolet Volt has Grown Up

The Chevrolet Volt has Grown Up

The previous model of the Chevrolet Volt was one that offered you a cabin filled with technology that was a bit too in-your-face. That has all changed. We’re now in the second year of the second generation of this vehicle and it has become one […]

More Time to Get Things Done for Mazda

More Time to Get Things Done for Mazda

For the next several years, we expect to see a wide variety of new vehicle offerings that will come to the market in order to show the impressive used of technology that’s being developed. What technology is being worked on? Cars are being electrified, vehicles […]

Is an Electric Vehicle Right for You?

09.22.16 - EV Recharging Station

Driving helps us get where we need to go quickly and conveniently on a daily basis. Most of the time we don’t think much of our vehicles except to know they’re available for us to ensure we can get from one place to another easily and without much worry. The movement and growth of the number of EVs on the market has changed this a bit. Because most of us are still not familiar with EV models and how they drive along with the amount of range offered we have to consider the fact that the range may not be exactly what’s shown on the instrument gauges.


News from Tesla; Preparing for the Model 3

Would it surprise you to see aggressive actions from Tesla? It shouldn’t surprise you at all as this is the company that was so bold as to bring us the Model S which has no gasoline powered engine at all. They have continually stated they […]

Singapore is Up to Something

A new owner of a new car in Singapore was just hit with a fine of over $10,000 because his new car ranked in the dirtiest category of high-pollution cars in the country. Did this man buy a tractor trailer or a Hummer H1; no, […]

How Many Times

03.11.16 - Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne

At some point we may have to let Sergio Marchionne know there is a danger in stating he would need to be shot before one of his brands does something. When it comes to protecting the Ferrari brand it’s certainly admirable on his part that he wants to keep the brand as clean and free of some of the powertrains we see today, but how long will Ferrari be successful with this type of thinking. Even though Ferrari was one of the only successful brands under FCA last year, how long with that continue if the thought process is to avoid what the rest of the market is doing.


A New Generation that Gives You More

What is your first thought of the Chevrolet Volt? Is it a place holder while we wait for the 200 mile range Bolt? Is it a car that could be better if it offered more energetic driving while in the all-electric mode?