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The Dinosaur Emerges

The Dinosaur Emerges

Dinosaurs may have been gone before we got here, but we still know they existed and wonder what the world would be like if these giant lizards hadn’t become extinct. Will that be the same way our children and grandchildren will feel about the manual […]

The Viper is Going Out with A Bang; Five of Them

One of the most admired and desired sports cars in the world will finally head to an end which has been discussed for some time. The Dodge Viper has been around for a quarter of a century and will now end its tenure and ride […]

How About Some More 2016 Models

2016 Dodge Viper/ACR

When you want to know about the 2016 model lineup you want all the information, or at least to know what all the models will be.  Even though not every single model will be covered, I’ve already given you fifty in the past five installments of this series, and now I give you ten more to look at.  Keep on reading and checking back for more updates as to what the 2016 lineup will look like. (more…)