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Elevating the Compressions for Your Driving Fun in Camaro and Corvette

Elevating the Compressions for Your Driving Fun in Camaro and Corvette

GM has recently been granted a patent that will allow the company to offer the performance models being built with engines that have higher compression ratios than in the past. After eighteen months of review by the US Patent and Trademark Office, the documents have […]

Both Buick and GMC area turning to the SUVs for the Drive

Both Buick and GMC area turning to the SUVs for the Drive

As a pair of brands from GM that have a singular goal for the drive you want to make, both GMC and Buick are turning toward more SUVs for the drive in order to offer larger crossovers and a wider variety of them to ensure […]

2016 Cadillac XTS: Performance in the Right Place

02.07.16 - 2016 Cadillac XTS

When you think of Cadillac these days you might think first of the Escalade, second of the CTS-V and third of the ATS-V. The XTS is a car that fills a gap in the lineup that is left with some of the other model, especially with the new CT6 that will be at the top of the lineup for the next few years. The XTS offers a size that is a little smaller than some of the top models from other luxury automakers and gives you the right fabrics, power and technology to enjoy every single drive in this car.


Bringing Back the Elegance of Large Luxury Sedan Driving

Cadillac is trying to seriously take over the luxury car industry by offering something awesome in each and every category. As part of a $12 billion investment program that will showcase eight new vehicles from now to 2020, Cadillac is heading down a bold path […]

The High-End Cadillac: 2016 CT6

Cadillac, a company known for luxury, innovation, and prestige, will introduce their new vehicle at the New York Auto Show. The Cadillac CT6 will be a full-sized luxury sedan, which will bring the Cadillac badge back into the spotlight. The Escalade has been the crown […]

2015 Cadillac Escalade: What All SUV’s Aspire to Be

2015 Cadillac Escalade

For a very long time the Cadillac Escalade was the vehicle of choice for anyone who wanted a status symbol. It was seen on TV pulling up to red carpet events as well as features in many music videos as a symbol of luxury and success. Because of this shoppers clamored to buy this great and monstrous luxury SUV making it one of the best sellers of all time. For the past few years, the Escalade has fought with itself to truly define its identity and it appears Cadillac finally figured it out for the 2015 model year.

The desire to project back to the top of the full-size luxury SUV class is evident by going its own direction with a regular and longer wheel base instead of following the crowd and going smaller. The Escalade offers the capability to carry up to eight passengers, has a large amount of cargo space, and is even capable of towing up to 8,300 pounds making it easy to move a small village out to a campsite by the lake and enjoy the weekend. As another complete remodel for 2015, the Escalade has redesigned the vehicle inside and out as well as offering a slightly better fuel economy than before.