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Mazda Highlights at the Tokyo Auto Salon

02.13.17 - Tokyo Auto Salon

We have our SEMA Show each year and Japan has the Tokyo Auto Salon. This is the show where the best of the tuning scene get to show off the work they’ve put in over the course of a year to allow us to see just how creative they can be with the various vehicles they’ve tuned up. Similar to the SEMA show, OEMs are getting in on the action with their own version of the tuned cars they have to offer to show us exactly what they have to offer as added features to some models.

Mazda is one of the most highlighted lineups at the Tokyo Auto Salon this year. This brand shows up with some impressive items for you to take a look at and be amazed by as we take a look at how the Auto Salon shows off the Mazda vehicles in attendance. This brand gives us a look at some special items that could make it to the market later on in the year as part of the series of concepts that have been customized which have been given the special name of Custom Style to show the commitment to improvements that Mazda has to offer.

One of the most impressive Custom Style models that came to the Auto Salon is a redesigned CX-5 with a special package of features to make it a vehicle we’ll certainly want on the market. This CX-5 Custom Style comes in with a new body kit, 20-inch wheels, an adjustable suspension and brake calipers. This impressively upgraded vehicle rode in to the show in a dynamic and dramatic matte black to give us a great look at what this SUV looks like in a more rugged paint; let’s just say, it was awesome.

Of course the exterior and the mechanical workings of the CX-5 aren’t the only things that were upgraded for this show. The interior added a bit of design to make it more alluring and impressive as well. These interior changes included adding aluminum pedals, illuminated door sills and puddle lamps. While these are only small changes, they do make a difference when you take a look at the CX-5 Custom Style, especially at night. No word yet as to whether or not any of these features will make it to the lineup but hopefully the will, these subtle changes could make for an impressive special package

Another one of the tuned us Mazda models that made it to the show is the MX-5 Miata RF. This show care came in with similar improvements that were highlighted on the CX-5 while adding a sports muffler, a front strut tower brace, a sway bar and an Alcantara trim. This Custom Style car was bathed in the Classic Red paint finish that has been a stable of the cars from Mazda since the Miata came onto the scene in 1989. No doubt this hard top convertible with the upgrades that we love was a huge hit during the show.

Mazda has shown its own version of creativity at the Tokyo Auto Salon this year by giving us enough upgrades to make both of these cars seem like they could easily be part of the lineup as a special trim with easy to offer upgrades that would come on the car for a bit of a higher price. While neither of these vehicles was over the top creative, as some we’ve seen at SEMA in the past, the thought was clear that both have overall performance of the vehicle in mind, which could make them much more fun to drive than the models their based off.

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