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Limited Model Continue the Excitement for the Ram 1500

01.31.17 - Ram 1500 Ignition Orange Sport

When you have a vehicle or platform that continues on the market long after other brands have completely changed you have to offer something that will continue to garner excitement from the public. This is the situation FCA is in, but they seem to have an expertise in bringing us a variety of trim levels on the popular models that we love to make sure we can continue to have the ride that we want on the road. For the Ram 1500, which is the oldest pickup in its class the design is classic, but the offering of two new special models for the 2017 model year help to keep our interest in this truck maximized.

The first of these two special editions is the Rebel Mojave Sand. This is the Rebel truck that offers a pair of black stripes on the hood in complete contrast to the light Mojave Sand colored paint. This is a truck you can have in either 2WD or 4WD setups and enjoy the look and feel of a truck that appears to be a sand performer that would be most at home and camouflaged in the desert areas in the west.

Other than the improved look to give you a desert look and feel, the Mojave Sand edition doesn’t have any significant changes, but this model is only being offered in a limited supply. Whenever something is limited to a specific number of models we love to grab them up and enjoy the ride in something that not everyone has. The Mojave Sand Rebel will be built in a short run of only 1,500 models and is a truck you have to order to be able to enjoy the ride when you visit your local Ram dealer.

There is another new version for the 2017 model year and that new version is the Ignition Orange Sport model. This is a truck that shows up in a way that won’t blend in anywhere, unless you’re at an orange cone convention of some sort. The same pair of black stripes will make an appearance on this truck but the bright body color will capture the attention of every crowd where you drive this beast. The engine for the Ignition Orange model is the 5.7-liter V8 and it does come in a crew cab configuration to allow you more people along for the fun on the road.

When it comes to the Ignition Orange model, Ram kept the numbers fair and promised to build 1,500 versions of this truck as well. This is a gorgeous truck that makes a huge difference on the road and brings you the performance you want from the Ram that you’ll love for many years. This again is an order only truck, but if the Ignition Orange Sport is the truck you want to drive to show off on the road and see just how muddy you can make it, see your local Ram dealer and order one today.

As you can see, these two new models of the Ram 1500 give us something special to be excited about and enjoy on the road. With these two new versions of the Ram and the fact they are being built in such limited quantities we can be excited about the Ram and continue to love what FCA puts on the market for us. The Ram 1500 is going to be a new build for 2018 so buying one of these limited supply models not only gives you a collector’s truck but one from the last year of the current Ram platform.

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