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If it’s the Future, Rinspeed has It

12.28.16 - Rinspeed Oasis

Rinspeed is a Swiss automaker that has a reputation of having some of the most over the top and forward thinking prototypes for us to admire. This company offers some cars that can do a variety of things and has always been on the cutting edge of technology. With Rinspeed instead of just imagining what the future many hold you often get a look into what the future could be so that you can have the look and feel of a vehicle that will give you more than what you might expect to have on the road.

Each year the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a place where new technology is presented. In the past this was a show that was only for those with the idea to make electronics smaller or to present new ideas for computing. This is where the first tablet, first laptop and of course the first desktop computers were all presented. In recent years the CES has become a hotbed for showing off vehicles that are advanced or cross the barrier to be an impressive immersion of electronics. Because vehicles have more electronics in them than ever before, this has become one of the most important stops in the automotive industry every year.

Rinspeed will have a new vehicle at the 2017 CES and it will certainly be an attention grabber. This car is called the Oasis and it’s meant to show us what a fully autonomous ride might be like. The fact that we need massive SUV in the city or that we have to drive vehicles that have more than we need is becoming ludicrous to Rinspeed. The Oasis has many features and attributes that will make it a car that you want to pay attention to when the CES rolls around next month.

This car is a two-seater electric car that has the self-driving capabilities you want. The car can turn on its own axis, which has caused the company to call it the R2-D2 of cars. This can be a car that you take to work in the morning; can be a delivery vehicle during the day and the pizza delivery vehicle at night. There is even a rear drawer that can cool or heat items as you need it to. This is a car that is expected to offer you a look and feel that you’ll be impressed with.

Do you want a car that feels like your living room space with an armchair, sideboard, TV and a steering wheel with a variety of functions? Would you like a green space where you can grow flowers or vegetables in the car? The Rinspeed Oasis offers these things to you. While there’s no doubt this car is a bit over the top, it’s also a car that could be on the verge of giving us the technology and features we want to enjoy and offers us a look at what driving could be like in the future with cars that can drive themselves.

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