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A New Twist on the Diesel Models from Volkswagen

A New Twist on the Diesel Models from Volkswagen

After months of discussion regarding the Volkswagen diesel scandal, there may be a way for Volkswagen to put some diesel models back on the road and make it so that we can have diesel models from this brand. For several months the EPA had denied […]

Celebrating an Original

Celebrating an Original

Over the course of automotive history the hot hatch has been a type of car that has given us the fun we want to enjoy on the road while offering us the low price of a car that doesn’t take itself too seriously. A car […]

A Partner You Might Not Expect

A Partner You Might Not Expect

When it comes to the vehicles used to get up the mountains and to the top of the slopes for the snow sports enjoyed during the winter months most of us would think the right vehicle and partnership would come from a company that offers […]

2017 Volkswagen Golf: Becoming its Own Lineup

The Volkswagen Golf used to simply be a hatchback that had the style and spunk to be a vehicle we wanted to drive, but it’s elevated the lineup to become something more. Now we have the e-Golf, an all-electric model, a pair of high performers […]

The Old Way Might Still be the Best Way

Do you remember when cars could only be opened by using a key? Not an electronic key fob that allows you to simply push a button, but a key that was similar to the one you use to open the door of your home. With […]

Volkswagen May Have a Fix for the V6 Engines

Last September most of the world was shocked to find out that Volkswagen had been cheating on emissions tests for many years. The discovery in August by a university in West Virginia and then the reveal to the world in September showed the diesel engines […]

2016 Volkswagen CC: The Original Four Door Coupe

For years any car with four doors had to be put in the sedan category but over the past several years that has changed. The Volkswagen CC offers the original look of a four door coupe which looks a lot like a Passat with a […]

Sedans We Don’t Think of Often

BMW has led the charge for great driving sedans since the 1980s when they showed up with the M3.  Others have followed with their own performance variants, but we often don’t think of them because of the notoriety of the M3 and the AMG performance […]

Why are Car Faces So Angry?

For years the front of the car, its face, looked either serious, playful or even determined, but more often than not the descriptions of your vehicle at the front was not of anger.  The face of the car resembled its character in many ways, offering […]

Do you Know the 2016 Volkswagen Passat?

The Volkswagen Passat has been one of the most popular and highly lauded sedans on the market for us to enjoy.  Volkswagen has always found a way to make the Passat and other offerings great by having driver engaged cockpits and dynamic systems that make […]