Limited Model Continue the Excitement for the Ram 1500

01.31.17 - Ram 1500 Ignition Orange Sport

When you have a vehicle or platform that continues on the market long after other brands have completely changed you have to offer something that will continue to garner excitement from the public. This is the situation FCA is in, but they seem to have an expertise in bringing us a variety of trim levels on the popular models that we love to make sure we can continue to have the ride that we want on the road. For the Ram 1500, which is the oldest pickup in its class the design is classic, but the offering of two new special models for the 2017 model year help to keep our interest in this truck maximized.

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Let Your Imagination Run Wild

01.25.17 - Ram ProMaster City

When you have a van in your stable of vehicles and have the imagination to figure out what can be done with that vehicle, the possibilities are endless. Once many of us pull our minds out of the gutter and forget about putting a bed and the 1970s crushed velvet and beads all around the van, we can often think of great ideas and ways to make a van work in a ways that you might not have ever thought of. In case you missed it or just overlooked them because they were vans, the two offerings from FCA at the SEMA show that came in van form were pretty cool this past year.

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2017 Ram ProMaster City: A Work Van with European Flair

11.03.16 - 2015 Ram ProMaster City

Work vans have been part of the landscape for many decades, giving those who need to carry items from one place to another a great way to get the materials to the jobsite in a covered and protected manner. Work vans have been configured in a variety of different ways to have all the tools, materials and equipment needed for a job carried along with them. After many years of work vans being the large box and square designs that we’re accustomed to, the Ram ProMaster City is being offered to us as a work van that’s different from the rest.

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Diesel Duties Abound

2015 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel

For the half-ton pickup market when you want diesel power there is only one choice to make.  For whatever reason the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel is still the only one in this class to give you as a weekend warrior the light-duty full-size pickup you need to get some work done in the yard on your off days and be a reasonable daily driver with plenty of low end power from the torque and the efficiency to make it a possibility for driving to and from the office every day.  There will be other pickups that will compete with this truck soon, but those will be in the midsized truck segment, not the full size where the Ram will continue to reign. Continue reading