Let Your Imagination Run Wild

01.25.17 - Ram ProMaster City

When you have a van in your stable of vehicles and have the imagination to figure out what can be done with that vehicle, the possibilities are endless. Once many of us pull our minds out of the gutter and forget about putting a bed and the 1970s crushed velvet and beads all around the van, we can often think of great ideas and ways to make a van work in a ways that you might not have ever thought of. In case you missed it or just overlooked them because they were vans, the two offerings from FCA at the SEMA show that came in van form were pretty cool this past year.

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Toyota is Embracing Autonomous Driving in a Different Way

01.18.17 - Toyota Concept-i

The biggest subject on the table, when it comes to research and development in any automotive company, is the development of the autonomous driving tech that will become part of our world over the next several years. Toyota may have the most advanced approach to this self-driving technology as they seem to be focused more on the driver being alert rather than replacing the driver completely in their vehicles. As other companies look to take away any chance of control or overriding the system in place, Toyota has a different approach to their AI.

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You’ll Love this Race

01.09.17 - Lamborghini Huracan

While we mostly want to see you race your car at the track if you’re going to race it, the way this video was set up seems to be a fairly safe way to race as well, minus the added safety benefits that are required at a track. The scene is somewhere in Mexico where you won’t get in as much trouble for racing and where there are more empty and open roads to perform a race of this nature. Now that the safety and caution message has mostly been covered, let’s get down to it.

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2017 Infiniti QX60: An Active Ride that Fits Seven

01.03.17 - Infiniti QX60

The midsize class of SUVs can be a confusing space for a vehicle to reside in. There are many in this class that offer seven seats but make the third row so small only small children can fit. In other cases there are only two rows, which means five is the maximum amount of people that can ride together. Thankfully the Infiniti QX60 has it figured out and offers seven-passenger seating that offers enough space for every seat to have an adult positioned comfortably in that seat for a great ride.

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Is This Really the “Beast of Green Hell”?

12.28.16 - Mercedes-AMG GT R

One of the most impressive cars on the market today is the Mercedes-AMG GT R. This is a car that offers roadster good looks, supercar performance, a large wing in the back and the long hood to house a massive engine. Up front you’ll see one of the meanest faces on the entire automotive market and see two eyes that are glaring at you as the flank the wide angry mouth of the massive grill. This car is built to hug the track and to rip through the curves with ease, giving you one of the most impressive performance cars on the market, but is it really the “Beast of Green Hell.”

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The Car We Couldn’t Have Patrols Japans Roadways

12.19.16 - Nissan R34 Skyline GT-R Police Cruiser

One of the cars that couldn’t be brought to the US that we wanted to have on our roads and tracks for many years is the Nissan Skyline but it wasn’t allowed to be brought to the US. This car was certainly allowed in Japan and was part of the mistaken horsepower numbers in Japan that had limited all vehicles to a maximum of 276 ponies even though we know now that many of the cars on the road at the time the Skyline was originally built made more power than this, including the Skyline.

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A Regal Way to Have a New Model

12.19.16 - Opel Insignia Sports Tourer

For many years station wagons were the chosen vehicles to cross the landscape of America and these large and bulky cars were perfect for the ride. They offered us the size and capability needed to haul the cargo and the family the way we wanted to and allowed us to take vacations or head to holiday gatherings in vehicles that are perfect for the ride we needed to enjoy. The wagon has become more of a foul name for any vehicle over the years, but recently there has been a change in the market and more wagons are showing back up on the market.

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The Softer Side of Luxury

11.28.16 - Infiniti Q70

Luxury used to mean soft rides in comfortable cars that were larger than most, giving you some exceptional features that would allow you to enjoy a great drive. Over the years it seems luxury has changed to mean sporty, planted and exciting as many luxury brands have chased BMW for top billing. In some cases Infiniti is guilty of this as well, but they still offer a car that is one of the most impressive luxury vehicles on the market while still offering you a softer side to the luxury moniker than you find with most other brand names.

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This Car Doesn’t Want to be Left Out of the Party

11.28.16 - Kia Rio

When you take away the supercars of the world, dial back the luxury performance models and even reduce the number of mainstream sports cars we see there is only one other performance category that garners a great deal of attention; the hot hatch. For some reason we love the idea of creating a small car with a hatchback body into a high performance machine that’s meant for the track. These cars are fun and fast giving us something that feels like it’s out of our imagination or just a few add-ons away from starring in a Mad Max movie.

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The Nissan Titan Enters Uncharted Waters

11.22.16 - Nissan Titan

For as long as the Nissan Titan has been on the market it’s always been offered as a Crew Cab model. The Single cab offering has not been something that was presented to us a possibility and this has been a part of the market that Nissan has missed out on. For 2017, the Titan will finally be offered as a Single Cab, taking an important step toward the improvement of this market and becoming a choice that you can have if you’re looking for a great new work truck for your business to use at the job site.

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