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Mazda Continues to Offer a Difference

Mazda Continues to Offer a Difference

Over the past several years, Mazda has made a habit of finding a way to do things differently than the other Japanese automakers. In fact, Mazda has done things differently than most automakers on the market and has created models that are exciting and attractive […]

This is the Car You Want to Drive: Mazda6

This is the Car You Want to Drive: Mazda6

When you’re looking for the right car for you and you know you’re going to want to drive a midsize sedan that can give you the excellent performance on the road with efficiency and quality that you’re sure to admire, the Mazda6 can be the […]

Dynamic Driving Experiences

Dynamic Driving Experiences

Those who are shopping for vehicles have spoken loudly with their purchases of the compact crossover SUVs that are desired and impressive to enjoy on the roads. These smaller SUVs have come about due to the unibody construction that’s become part of what we love […]

A Look Back at Mazda at SEMA

The past two SEMA shows have been the hotbeds for Mazda to show off some of what it can do to create the impressive performance that’s needed when you have one of the most fun cars to drive with the low power numbers of the […]

Mazda Highlights at the Tokyo Auto Salon

We have our SEMA Show each year and Japan has the Tokyo Auto Salon. This is the show where the best of the tuning scene get to show off the work they’ve put in over the course of a year to allow us to see […]

Sedans We Don’t Think of Often

BMW has led the charge for great driving sedans since the 1980s when they showed up with the M3.  Others have followed with their own performance variants, but we often don’t think of them because of the notoriety of the M3 and the AMG performance […]

Safest Hatchbacks for 2015

Running the list from sixth to first, this half of the list all carries a higher safety rating than the first with all six having a five-star NTSA overall crash test rating.  These six hatchbacks offer not only the best in safety, but also have […]

2014 Mazda 5: The Look of a Minivan But Not the Size

In the Mazda tradition of offering interesting as well as reliable vehicles for shoppers to enjoy, the Mazda 5 is very unique indeed. Coming in with a size that is only about as large as a compact sedan, the Mazda 5 has a sliding side […]

Bringing Excitement with the Mazda 6

The brand new, completely redesigned 2014 Mazda 6 is one of the most exciting car offerings of this model year. Having gained a loyal following over the years with its great handling and exterior style, the newly designed car offers fuel economy better than ever […]