Where do You Find Elegance and Efficiency in One Package?

03.03.16 - 2016 Jaguar XF

Just because a vehicle is labeled a luxury model does not make it an elegant performance vehicle, nor does it make it one that is efficient. Where can you find such a car that has the long and sleek shape and classy interior that can only be described as elegant while offering the fuel mileage and aerodynamics that make it efficient? Only one vehicle comes to mind when this is the description; the new Jaguar XF. This is the car that made the entrance in London by performing a high wire crossing at the Canary Wharf district, and has been remade by Jaguar for the new model year.

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Engine Noise and Massive Horsepower

02.02.16 - 2015 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT

When you get to the higher levels of cars on the market you won’t find rivals that are really matched up as well as on the lower parts of the market. Even though this is the case we can always find a pair of willing participants to be compared against each other for us to look at, admire and find our favorites. When it comes to top level luxury sports cars that have some great power the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT and the Jaguar F-Type R Coupe are put up to the challenge of being compared with each other.

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