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A Different Kind of Motorcycle Manufacturer

A Different Kind of Motorcycle Manufacturer

Motorcycles have been around a long time and one of the most often used features of a motorcycle is a two-stroke engine. This smaller engine build fits between your legs so that you can straddle the bike and head out on the road. Soichiro Honda, […]

2018 Honda Accord: Upgraded Popularity

2018 Honda Accord: Upgraded Popularity

Your parents and grandparents may have driven one of the most popular and reliable sedans when they were younger, but they never drove a car quite as attractive as this one. Over the years, the Honda Accord has been a name we know and trust […]

Why Can’t You Get an Automatic?

Why Can’t You Get an Automatic?

The Honda Civic Type-R is one of the most exciting cars on the market and it’s a hot hatch that offers you an insane amount of power out of a four-cylinder engine that makes driving a lot of fun. This is a car that has […]

2017 Honda Civic: The Second Year Brings More

The Honda Civic has been one of our favorite vehicles to drive for many decades, but for some reason the ninth generation of this car would be better left forgotten. This new tenth generation of the model that began in 2016 ushers in a model […]

When a Minivan Makes the Best Choice

The change of SUVs to smaller unibody builds and designs has brought us full circle when it comes to the minivan. Even though these vehicles have only been around for a short period of time compared to the entire automotive market, they are quickly disappearing […]

Being Disrespected

Should all cars receive respect on the market? Not at all, some don’t have the versatility to be able to fit into several places on the market, but some have enough of what we need to be a great car to buy and enjoy. While […]

Super Bowl Car Ads; Some of the Best Ever

The Super Bowl gives companies a platform for advertising that is unlike any other. With the largest crowd of the year watching this one event companies pay more money each year for the right to advertise during this game even if it’s only a spot […]

Popularity can be the Reason

When you see a large crowd purchasing the same thing on the day the item comes out for sale, such as the newest iPhone or next great tech gadget, you might wonder if the item is really as good as it was advertised to be.  […]

Its Civic Time

The new tenth generation Honda Civic is a completely redesigned model that carries forward the name we have loved and admired for several generations.  Over the years the Civic has gone from a sporty sedan, coupe and hatchback to eventually fall to the fate of […]

The New Civic Stole the Show in New York

Normally, there are several cars that can make a claim of having generated the most buzz at any particular auto show. At the New York Auto Show, it wasn’t even close. Everyone’s talking about the new Honda Civic “concept” and it’s not just because of […]