2017 Genesis G90: A New Flagship has Arrived

11.14.16 - Genesis G90

Not only is the Genesis brand new to the market, but the models that have become part of the lineup are also brand new. The success of the Hyundai Genesis has sprouted a brand that we can love as a new luxury brand and the first from Korea to bring luxury to the US as a brand rather than under the mainstream name. The old Hyundai Genesis has been transformed into the new Genesis G80, but what is this new G90? Is this a car that’s made to ensure the G80 isn’t lonely on the market or will it give us the added luxury we want to enjoy?

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What’s Next from Genesis?

06.30.16 - 2017 Genesis G80 - 2

While this may seem like an odd question to ask since the luxury brand from Hyundai has just launched and won’t have its first official model until next year, but there is already been a reveal that will let us have a look at a new model from the newly born luxury brand. What we already know we will see from Genesis is the G80, which will be simply the old Hyundai Genesis with a few upgrades. Recently a sport version of the G80 was shown as well to give us two great models to enjoy, but what’s next from this recently created brand?

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