Ford Ranger To Be Assembled In Nigeria

Ford Ranger To Be Assembled In Nigeria

Ford Ranger has been a staple and icon of the Ford lineup for generations. The tough, rugged truck was introduced in the United States in 1983 to compete against Japanese small trucks and has done well against the competition. In the first half of 2015, Ford Ranger was the best selling vehicle in South Africa, and Ford has announced that they will begin assembling the Ranger in Nigeria beginning in the fourth quarter of this year. Continue reading

Ford Announces Mustang Apollo Edition

Mustang Apollo Edition

The Ford Mustang is an American Icon. It exudes the manly muscle car from yesterday for many and the excitement of a new era for others. Likewise, the Apollo mission into outer space was a memorable time in history. In light of the Apollo missions, Ford has announced the Ford Mustang Apollo Edition to celebrate innovation and inspiration. Continue reading

The 2016 Ford Shelby Mustang Redefines Sexy

2016 Ford Shelby Mustang

The Ford Mustang has been an American Icon for decades. From the Mustang Roush and Saleen to the Shelby, there is a lot of history that stands behind the Mustang name. From coupes and convertibles, to GT versions and turbocharged engines, Mustang has been a powerful vehicle that is fast on the road and a head turner to bystanders and onlookers. Everyone looks when Mustang passes them by. Continue reading

Finding Exclusivity on Common Ground

Ford SkyRanger

The Ford Ranger was one of the most popular and most sold trucks of all time but is now a thing of the past. Many times when you are looking for something that is unique, you have to search where you wouldn’t expect, a place that shows you similarities but differences. This brings us to the Ranger in question, which isn’t just any Ford Ranger, but one that was built in 1991 and had only twenty versions of it actually built. Why so few, maybe because of the limited market, or possibly because Ford realized it should not have a truck with these features, but either way this Ranger was one of intrigue and interest. Continue reading

What to Do with the GT

Ford GT Reveal

When Ford unleashed its own surprise at the Detroit Auto Show in January, showing off the new Ford GT sports car that is simply an amazing machine that looks sleek, stylish, fast, gorgeous and simply ready to take to the track we thought that might be all they were going to give us this year. Quite honestly, that would have been plenty, a new sports car built with the name that was synonymous with Ford Racing for such a long and storied time in racing history. Now it seems the Ford GT might take on a whole new face and create an even bigger buzz.

Talks are already happening to lead us to believe the Ford GT might just turn up at LeMans with additions and tuning from Forza to make a car that will seriously scream around the tracks of the world and take the racing world by storm. Seeing a Ford GT done up with Forza trimming will just make the other cars at LeMans all turn green with envy (not really) and be ready to forfeit the race to the Ford GT, which should show up as one of the most powerful cars on the track.

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An EcoBoost Powered Mustang Gives Plenty of Power for Pony Lovers

EcoBoost Mustang

Even though the top of the line GT is always going to be the gold standard and show off with is muscular V8 engine that offers a roar and a pull that will plant you in the front seat with your face plastered in a permanent smile the four-cylinder EcoBoost Mustang has a lot to love. In previous years the four-cylinder was easily discernible from the GT and everyone who saw your Mustang would know you were driving one that was somewhat less than desirable. That is no longer the case, in fact now the simple reality is only a few features give the two a different look from the outside, making this one of the most attractive sub-GT versions of the Mustang ever.

Not only does an EcoBoost powered Mustang show off with great stylings and features that make it attractive to just about any Pony Car lover, (except those who must have the GT), but this version is a lot of fun to drive. With a smaller engine and an easy shift throw the EcoBoost makes driving and moving through the gears a smooth and fun transition which allows you to feel in full control of the car.

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New Ford Expedition Has Size When it’s Needed Most

2015 Ford Expedition

As many vehicle shoppers are moving toward smaller, more agile and more fuel efficient models, there is still a need for some for the larger more cumbersome SUV’s. The Ford Expedition is such an SUV and has gained a ton of great updates to continue to offer a leading edge on the competition which includes the Chevrolet Tahoe, GMC Yukon, Toyota Sequoia and Nissan Armada. Some of these leading items include replacing the large V8 engine with an EcoBoost V6 to offer much more fuel efficiency than ever before. Add some interior updates along with some very attractive body style changes and the Expedition offers plenty of great features for any owner to fully enjoy the new modernized SUV.

With a great deal of cargo space and room for up to eight passengers, the Expedition continues to be a leader in the large SUV class. For 2015 the updates include MyFord Touch, a refreshed front and rear and the change to a smaller more fuel efficient engine. Add to this the inclusion of selectable drive modes to choose from Comfort, Normal and Sport which helps the suspension provide the ride feeling the driver is looking for.

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Pickups with the Highest Horsepower for 2015 (Part 2)

2014 Ford F250 Super Duty

Pickup trucks are built to get work done or offer a great deal of fun and versatility to enjoy. Taking gear to the outdoor destination is easy to do with one of the great pickup trucks that make of this list of the six highest horsepower pickups offered for the new 2015 model year. A truck that is equipped to do more than necessary allows owners to enjoy a confidence their truck will take care of business. Continue reading

A Sweet Small Car That Has All the Details: 2014 Ford Focus

2014 Ford Focus

Ever since smaller cars have gained a huge popularity throughout the country car buyers have clamored for more added to even the small cars. Rather than a basic box on wheels with a hamster powered engine underneath the public has demanded more premium features, versatility, and of course great fuel efficiency. The engineers and designers at Ford listened intently and came up with the 2014 Ford Focus which is loaded to gills with great features, offers a ton of space inside especially for a small car, and shows up with the versatility to be had as either a four-door sedan or a five-door hatchback.

Standing up strong to the normal competition in this class as such longstanding names as the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla the Focus comes in hot with a great value and package many car buyers will enjoy. Even though the Focus remains basically the same for 2014 as it was for 2013 the car still receives a few added features which show up in the Sport Appearance Package of the Se trim with sport cloth seats, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob and a rear spoiler.

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2014 Ford Fiesta: A Fun and Stylish Sedan or Hatchback

2014 Ford Fiesta

With fuel prices increasing on a regular basis, and no real end to the increase in sight, many drivers have turned to the sub-compact class of cars and found several that are very capable and fun to drive. One of these is the 2014 Ford Fiesta. Offered in both a five door hatchback and a four door sedan, the 2014 Ford Fiesta rivals the Honda Ft and Toyota Yaris for looks, fuel economy, and ease of drive.

Even though the 2014 Ford Fiesta is small on horsepower, when coupled with its EcoBoost technology it offers enough power for any driving conditions, highway, mountains, or city streets. The suspension and steering a quickly responsive create an excellent driving experience in the Fiesta which is very light to the touch, making it a lot of fun to drive around town or out on the highway.

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