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More of the Power You Want in Your Ford Super Duty

More of the Power You Want in Your Ford Super Duty

Whether you have a large travel trailer that you want to take for a road trip and enjoy the sights you see along your way, or you need to have a massive truck with incredible power for the work you do every day, you need […]

More Proof of a Smaller World with Ford

More Proof of a Smaller World with Ford

Talk to anyone that worked in the automotive industry in the 1950s through the 1980s and you’ll hear them talk loathsomely about the foreign models that came to the market in the US. These folks wondered with the good old American pride went and why […]

Ford is Interested in Power

Ford is Interested in Power

If you look at the Ford lineup it should be evident from the star this brand has a serious interest in power. While you might normally think of power and visualize a vehicle that gets out on the track and rips of fast laps, and […]

Bringing Back Some Heritage

The new Ford GT is something many of the younger generations have never seen. This is a supercar from Ford that offers what makes the exotics from Europe great. The smooth lines, the attention to the need for increased downforce, the power that pumps out […]

Compact Sports Cars to Consider

When you spend your time shopping for a luxury sports car you might not select a luxury nameplate. If performance is the most important part of driving to you there are two you might consider that are typically not direct competitors, but they can be […]

And So It Begins…

The changes we see in the automotive world have been widespread for many years. We have gone from low power to learning how to create power with turbocharging and supercharging, from terrible engines to efficient and powerful smaller engines and even added hybrid powertrains to […]

Developing Diesel at Ford

Ford has announced it has a new EcoBlue engine that will be the diesel used in smaller diesel powered vehicles in the future. This engine is expected to eventually be part of the Transit lineup and is made to not only work well in the […]

Another Bit of Information for the Ford GT that is Coming

The Ford GT is one of the most talked about cars of the year and it’s not even on the road yet.  This all started last January when the GT stole the show in Detroit as a car that was unexpected but showed up in […]

Popularity can be the Reason

When you see a large crowd purchasing the same thing on the day the item comes out for sale, such as the newest iPhone or next great tech gadget, you might wonder if the item is really as good as it was advertised to be.  […]

Sedans We Don’t Think of Often

BMW has led the charge for great driving sedans since the 1980s when they showed up with the M3.  Others have followed with their own performance variants, but we often don’t think of them because of the notoriety of the M3 and the AMG performance […]