2016 Fiat 500: An Active Little Car to Love

03.07.16 - 2016 Fiat 500

In a world full of big power and massive vehicles it’s nice to see there are still some cars that carry on the tradition of having a beautifully crafted build that comes in a small size and price for you to enjoy. The Fiat 500 lineup is such a vehicle group. This car is smaller than the Mini Cooper and Ford Fiesta to be a fantastic little city car that fits perfectly wherever you need to drive. On the inside you find amazing Italian design and quality features to give you a car that allows you to feel you have a truly European luxury vehicle in a small size.

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How About Some More 2016 Models

2016 Dodge Viper/ACR

When you want to know about the 2016 model lineup you want all the information, or at least to know what all the models will be.  Even though not every single model will be covered, I’ve already given you fifty in the past five installments of this series, and now I give you ten more to look at.  Keep on reading and checking back for more updates as to what the 2016 lineup will look like. Continue reading