Made for Scion; Presented by Toyota

03.24.17 - Toyota C-HR

As we saw the Scion brand make its way to a demise last year some of the models that had been part of the Scion name have been rebadged under the parent company of Toyota and are now being presented with new names. The FR-S has been renamed the Toyota 86 and the iA has become part of the Yaris group and the iM has become a Corolla hatchback. The SUV that was being worked on for Scion is the C-HR which is now being offered under the Toyota name as the compact SUV from this brand.

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2017 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD: The Big Power You Need

03.15.17 - Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD

Are you planning to head out on the road with a fifth-wheel or travel trailer? If so, you need a massive truck with tons of power to get the job done for you and the Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD could be the right truck for you so that you can have the ride you need to be able to head out on the road. This isn’t a truck that comes cheap at all, but it certainly is worth the price when you consider the power included that you need to get the job done the right way.

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A Partner You Might Not Expect

03.08.17 - Some Guy Snowboarding

When it comes to the vehicles used to get up the mountains and to the top of the slopes for the snow sports enjoyed during the winter months most of us would think the right vehicle and partnership would come from a company that offers a variety of SUV models. These SUVs would also need to have AWD as part of the setup which means they can handle the challenges of the ride on the mountain roads going up to the slopes. With this in mind the most unlikely partnership with the Professional Ski Instructors and the American Association of Snowboard Instructors (PSIA-AASI) is Volkswagen for their sponsor vehicle.

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A Look Back at Mazda at SEMA

03.01.17 - Mazda MX-5 Miata RF Kuro Concept

The past two SEMA shows have been the hotbeds for Mazda to show off some of what it can do to create the impressive performance that’s needed when you have one of the most fun cars to drive with the low power numbers of the Mazda MX-5 Miata. For the Miata to continue to be the fun car you want to drive, there has to be some variations that could make you want to get behind the wheel and see what each one of the different Miata models can do and how the changes made help to create the improved performance that we want to enjoy.

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Everyone Loved This Reveal

02.24.17 - Chevrolet Lego Batmobile

The Detroit Auto Show is securely behind us by a few weeks now and the events and unveilings of this show gave us some new and interesting cars to look at. None garnered as much attention or brought to life as much imagination as the Lego Batmobile that Chevrolet rolled out and surprised the crowd with. This car showed up in Detroit as an impressive vehicle that is modeled after the Batman Speedwagon from “The Lego Batman Movie” and it certainly captured the attention of adults and kids that were present in Detroit for this amazing reveal.

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2017 BMW 4 Series: More of What You Want

02.20.17 - BMW 4 Series

Typically a vehicle that’s been upgraded only three years prior won’t receive across the board upgrades in the middle of the generational run. BMW decided to dispel these “normalities” and make the changes that we would enjoy anyway. This means the BMW 4 Series receive new engines across the lineup that are lighter and more powerful than before. Along with these new engines the 4 Series adds new names to the lineup to give us the right way to see how these new models perform and at what level, making this a sport luxury car that we’ll continue to love and admire.

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Mazda Highlights at the Tokyo Auto Salon

02.13.17 - Tokyo Auto Salon

We have our SEMA Show each year and Japan has the Tokyo Auto Salon. This is the show where the best of the tuning scene get to show off the work they’ve put in over the course of a year to allow us to see just how creative they can be with the various vehicles they’ve tuned up. Similar to the SEMA show, OEMs are getting in on the action with their own version of the tuned cars they have to offer to show us exactly what they have to offer as added features to some models.

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2017 Toyota 4Runner: The Ride You Want

02.10.17 - Toyota 4Runner

Just because an SUV shows up in the midsized category doesn’t mean it’s actually built with both sport and utility in mind. One of the main qualities of being able to give us the utility we want is a vehicle that can perform well not only on the road, but out in the wilderness as well. In the class that the Toyota 4Runner competes there aren’t very many SUVs that are capable on the trails as much as they are on the road. The 4Runner is one that certainly can handle the job of being both, great on and off the road so that you have the ride you want.

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A Classic Dodge Driven by a Serious Car Lover

02.06.17 - Dodge Coronet

It’s no secret that Jay Leno is one of the most famous car guys in the world. He has been collecting, restoring and now featuring cars on his show and in his life for a long time. He’s shown off everything you can think of but one of his favorite cars is one that doesn’t seem like it would be a favorite of someone who knows cars the way he does. The fact that Jay loves this car shows how much he knows about cars and what they have to offer to those who can love what they drive.

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Limited Model Continue the Excitement for the Ram 1500

01.31.17 - Ram 1500 Ignition Orange Sport

When you have a vehicle or platform that continues on the market long after other brands have completely changed you have to offer something that will continue to garner excitement from the public. This is the situation FCA is in, but they seem to have an expertise in bringing us a variety of trim levels on the popular models that we love to make sure we can continue to have the ride that we want on the road. For the Ram 1500, which is the oldest pickup in its class the design is classic, but the offering of two new special models for the 2017 model year help to keep our interest in this truck maximized.

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