How Can You Save on Your Car Insurance?

03.03.17 - Car Insurance

One of the most annoying bills you pay every month is your car insurance. Insurance in general is a bit of a unique gamble for you and for the insurance company. Considering you’re paying a company a small amount each month to say they will cover your vehicle minus your deductible cost they are taking a risk on you and you’re taking one on them. Many of us pay for car insurance month after month for years without ever actually being in an accident or filing any form of a claim during the time we have insurance, which means the insurance company wins in the gamble.

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No More Limos for Putin

01.10.17 - Vladimir Putin

The leader of what used to be the Soviet Union has been riding around in a limousine from a Russian company for many years. ZiL has produced the limo for the Russian president for many years but now the company has gone under and is no more. ZiL is an acronym for Zavod imeni Likhachova which means Plant named for Likhochov. This is a manufacturer you know but you don’t know you know them. They have been building vehicles for over 100 years and you’ve seen their trucks in many of the movies that depict cold war Russia.

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Tips for Selling Your Car

01.09.17 - Car for Sale

There’s no doubt the best deal you can get on your car is the one you can make. When you trade your car in at a dealership you’re likely to get an offer which is much lower than the Blue Book value of your vehicle because of the work the dealership will have to put into reselling your car. Rather than trade in your ride, get a great price by selling it yourself, but do so with these six easy to follow tips to help you get the right price for you on the car you’ve loved for many miles already.

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Another Way to Use Ride Sharing

01.03.17 - WaiveCar

Ride sharing is becoming a cloudy term that means different things to different people. Some feel like the cars they hire from Uber and Lyft are ride sharing but in this definition all you are doing is sharing the ride. This is akin to splitting a taxi and once the car leaves you at your destination you’re done with it and the driver for the time being. WaiveCar has a different form of ride sharing that makes more sense for you that brings you the type of driving you want to enjoy and offers you the independence you want.

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What’s the Right Accessory for You?

12.20.16 - Apple CarPlay

One of the most fun parts about driving a car you love is tricking it out with parts and accessories that make it easier for you to enjoy the benefits of how you want to drive. When that vehicle is made by Volkswagen you can have a plethora of aftermarket items that can be right for the ride and give you that added feature you’ve been looking for. Loving your VW model is easy and when you add any of these great accessories you can enjoy the ride and the added benefit they give you.

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Did You Ever Think to Fix Your Odometer?

12.12.16 - Odometer

The little dials that tick off the miles of our vehicle have changed over the years to be digital in most cars that are made now, but if you have a vehicle that still has the analog version with the spinning dials you might have to fix the odometer at some point. It seems like an activity that wouldn’t need to ever be done, but just like the rest of your vehicle the odometer can break when the gears and wheels that spin the dials stop functioning or break down. Thankfully this is an easy fix.

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Could We See More Motorcycle Accidents in the Future?

12.12.16 - Lane Splitting

Driving down the highway have you ever had a motorcycle come up next to you trying to share the lane with you? This practice is called lane splitting and it’s something that exists in the gray area of laws on the roads in our country. In nearly every single state this practice is deemed illegal, but as one of the most progressive states in the country, California has a different view of this practice and has allowed lane splitting for years. The problem, until now, is the fact there weren’t any concrete laws to state this action was legal.

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The Safest Places to Drive in the World

12.05.16 - Singapore Skyline

Safety is important and knowing you’re not only protected by your vehicle but also by the right infrastructure and laws in the country you drive in make a huge difference for you to know you’ll have a better chance of arriving home safely. According to the World Health Organization, there is one death on the road every thirty seconds and twenty injuries during this same timeframe. The numbers are staggering for poorer countries that have terrible infrastructures, inadequate laws and vehicles that are built cheaply and without the safety features that we take for granted in more developed countries.

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The Hot Wheels Collection We All Want to Have

11.22.16 - Hot Wheels Collection

When you were a kid playing with Hot Wheels cars may have been fun for you to do for a few years and now that you’re an adult sharing them with your own children is a lot of fun still. For most of us the toys we played with as kids were something we outgrew as we got older and eventually the Hot Wheels cars were sold at a yard sale or smashed up in our teenage and destructive years. Looking back, many of us would love to have a collection of cars like what Bruce Pascall has collected.

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