The Automotive Industry, Briefly


Admiring the Honda Civic

Admiring the Honda Civic

There’s no doubt that Honda took a chance when it comes to the design elements of the Honda Civic, but so far, it appears those risks have reaped some amazing rewards. The shape is daring and innovative while the stance is low, long, and wide […]

The Next Large BMW

The Next Large BMW

As one of the most admired names in the industry, BMW brings a variety of great ways for you to have the drive and the ride that you want with a series of athletic vehicles that are perfect for you on the road. These cars […]

Short Driver’s Unite

Short Driver’s Unite

If you’re a short person or you know someone who is, the challenge of being able to touch the floor in a vehicle or in a chair can be difficult. You need a car that allows you to reach everything without the use of a […]

Can You Still Find One Abandoned in a Field

One of the automotive companies of the last century that has always brought interest and a bit of shame to the industry is the name of Tucker. While Preston Tucker found ways to build some of the most advanced cars of the time, and his […]

How Can You Save on Your Car Insurance?

One of the most annoying bills you pay every month is your car insurance. Insurance in general is a bit of a unique gamble for you and for the insurance company. Considering you’re paying a company a small amount each month to say they will […]

No More Limos for Putin

The leader of what used to be the Soviet Union has been riding around in a limousine from a Russian company for many years. ZiL has produced the limo for the Russian president for many years but now the company has gone under and is […]

Tips for Selling Your Car

There’s no doubt the best deal you can get on your car is the one you can make. When you trade your car in at a dealership you’re likely to get an offer which is much lower than the Blue Book value of your vehicle […]

Another Way to Use Ride Sharing

Ride sharing is becoming a cloudy term that means different things to different people. Some feel like the cars they hire from Uber and Lyft are ride sharing but in this definition all you are doing is sharing the ride. This is akin to splitting […]

What’s the Right Accessory for You?

One of the most fun parts about driving a car you love is tricking it out with parts and accessories that make it easier for you to enjoy the benefits of how you want to drive. When that vehicle is made by Volkswagen you can […]

Did You Ever Think to Fix Your Odometer?

The little dials that tick off the miles of our vehicle have changed over the years to be digital in most cars that are made now, but if you have a vehicle that still has the analog version with the spinning dials you might have […]