The Perfect American Road Trip

08.22.16 - Cadillac Ranch

There is one road in the US that’s more talked about as the road to travel when you want to take a road trip. This road is not an interstate that will deliver you at faster speeds across the country, it’s a laid back stretch of road that runs the route from Chicago to Los Angeles to give you a long and enjoyable ride when you have nothing but time on your hands. The road I speak of is of course Route 66 and its worth every mile you drive on it. Here are five things you need to see as you travel on this long admired road on your own perfect American road trip.

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A Marriage Made Better

08.18.16 - A Screenshot of Some Video

Since the beginning of the building of the first wagon that was pulled by horses vehicles have been used to make it easier to move cargo from one place to another. This practice is one that has changed over time, but vehicles that are built today continue on this grand tradition of being able to haul products from one place to another, but there are times when the vehicles we purchase don’t have this capability.

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You Don’t Need to Warm Up Your Vehicle Anymore

08.10.16 - Snow-Covered Car

There is an old school of thought that says warming up your vehicle on cold mornings is necessary in order to have it reach the correct operating temperature. In some places you can still see this take place with people warming their vehicles up for as much as thirty minutes before heading out and driving to work for the day. While this was at one time a good idea, with vehicles of today you no longer need to warm up your engine at all, you can instead start your car and go and it will warm up on the way, which is actually better for your car.

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Pairing Two Nations over Hydrogen

07.12.16 - Norway and South Korea

When it comes to producing zero emissions from a vehicle California is the most aggressive place on the planet and the one which has so far been leading the way in every form of alternative fuels for vehicles. This makes California the king of the hydrogen fuel cell vehicles with many of the cars that operate on hydrogen being made by Toyota and Hyundai. Even though Japanese cars currently lead the way when it comes to hydrogen fuel, Norway and South Korea are partnering together to put their own stamp on this market and work toward creating an alliance that will give the Japanese brands some stiff competition.

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What if You Don’t Want a Prius?

07.04.16 - 2016 Toyota Prius

While the Toyota Prius has been the punchline in many jokes it’s hardly a laughing matter when you consider the impressive fuel mileage and ability to be the right car for giving us a starting point for affordable hybrid powertrains. The Prius has been redesigned and is available to purchase, but there are many among us that aren’t looking at the Prius as our next great car but instead need something else to be the affordable daily driver with great gas mileage. Here are some of the alternatives that give you excellent fuel mileage and impressive styling to be the other models you can have instead of the Prius.

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When They Didn’t Hit the Mark

06.14.16 - 2012 Aston Martin Cygnet

If you polish a turd what do you get? You get a polished turd. That is unfortunately how some cars have been perceived that have been on the market at some time. What makes it more interesting to understand is the fact that there have been some awesome manufacturers that simply haven’t hit the mark in the past. This does happen, every industry has to try some things and see what happens and the reception can be poor, but what’s amazing is the amount of work and showing that goes into a vehicle before it is released to the public. You would have thought someone would have stopped these manufacturers from making these colossal mistakes.

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Compact Sports Cars to Consider

06.10.16 - 2016 BMW M2

When you spend your time shopping for a luxury sports car you might not select a luxury nameplate. If performance is the most important part of driving to you there are two you might consider that are typically not direct competitors, but they can be when it comes to your attention and the desire to have a sports car that will handle everything you want to give it to offer yourself the drive you want to enjoy. The two we are looking at today might just surprise you when it comes to comparison testing, but they do offer several similarities in their overall performance.

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What Can You Have on a Strict Budget?

05.21.16 - 2007 Nissan Murano

The reality of life is many of us are on a tighter budget than we would like to be. When it comes to the challenges of having a family and needing a serviceable and reliable vehicle that can fit everyone while giving you the space you want it’s hard to imagine being able to buy an SUV for less than $10,000, but it can be done. You do need to do your homework and you probably won’t have any factory warranty left, but there are plenty of great SUVs on the market today in the used car lots of the world for this price or less.

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What Family Car do You Want?

05.09.16 - 2016 Honda Accord

When you have to shop for a new vehicle there are many factors to consider. On today’s market we have to consider not only the vehicle itself, but what it offers compared to others on the market. Many of today’s sedans have a style and performance that make the sedans of years ago look and feel like they were afterthoughts just because this was the segment of the market that we shopped the most. Even though it felt as though automakers weren’t making an effort for years in this segment, they really were and this has been one of the most competitive segments for many years.

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When a Minivan Makes the Best Choice

05.01.16 - 2016 Honda Odyssey

The change of SUVs to smaller unibody builds and designs has brought us full circle when it comes to the minivan. Even though these vehicles have only been around for a short period of time compared to the entire automotive market, they are quickly disappearing from the market, but there are still some that make a great choice. The benefit to a minivan is the fact these vehicles are made for the family in a way no others are. Nothing else is made to handle every need you could have and give you added storage in places you might have not thought to put it.

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