What is the Future for Faraday Future?

01.18.17 - Faraday Future FF 91 - 2

As a bold electric car company that’s building a brand new facility in the Nevada desert Faraday Future has successfully brought a super racing car concept to our view, but only teased at what the next car would be. Until recently all we had seen were silhouettes and possibilities of what the car would look like, but this team was expected to reveal their new concept car, which has already entered production, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV, just a few miles from the new Faraday Future facility.

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What is Project Titan?

12.20.16 - Apple Headquarters

This codename given to the program by Apple to work to develop technology for a new autonomous car is what we’ve thought was a program by which Apple was developing their own autonomous vehicle. That now has become even more confusing because the leaders of Apple aren’t even giving their own people all the information regarding the project. What this project will actually become is one of the most guarded secretes on the automotive and technology industries and we won’t know what it’s going to be until it shows up on the market.

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The First Camless Engine May be in a Chinese Car

12.05.16 - Qoros 3

The automakers that are found in China have been making huge strides over the past few years to produce better quality products and advance technology faster than ever before. With the massive investments being made by these companies we’re going to continue to see improvements in technology in the automotive world with China as the source country. This will certainly include improved EV technology, which is already on its way and should also be the country that uses the camless engine first to bring us a new way to enjoy what an engine can do.

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A Car Younger Generations Don’t Remember

11.08.16 - KITT

For many of the younger crowds, at least those under the age of 35 the only way they remember David Hasselhoff is being the head lifeguard on Baywatch or from some silly parts he’s had in movies. Go a little younger and the association may only be for the SpongeBob SquarePants Movie or in a spoof part. He’s had a long and successful career and doesn’t seem to mind being cast as a buffoon of sorts or as just the beach bum that ran across the surf on Baywatch to rescue anyone in distress.

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What Happens to Super Cars After an Accident

11.01.16 - Georgia Tech

The pictures we’ve seen over the past several years have shown some owners of supercars who end up wrecking them soon after they’re purchased. In some cases the owners simply buy a replacement car and in others the cars are repaired back to the status they were before the wreck. These high priced supercars, and even some of our mainstream models are made from a material that until recently has been difficult to recycle because of its singular use when molded and shaped. It seems we now have a way to recycle this material and make it useful once again to be part of another vehicle.

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This Really isn’t a Kid’s Toy

10.26.16 - Go Karts

The original versions of go karts were normally built by dads who wanted to spend some time with their kids building something cool in the garage. Even though moms wouldn’t allow a full size car to be built, what harm could a lawnmower engine and some sheets of plywood actually be? When the go kart came out of the garage for the first time it was to the delight of the dad and the kids who made and the certain chagrin of the mom who was hoping they would get bored and give up on the idea.

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This is Certainly the Ruination of the Neighborhood

10.25.16 - Sussex County, Delaware

Those of us old enough to remember when it didn’t matter which adult in the neighborhood disciplined us it counted have seen what neighborhoods have become. With most of us working more than fifty hours a week, the need for multiple incomes in the home, and a serious lack of free time on our hands the neighborhoods of old have all but gone away. Today you’d be lucky to know who your neighbors are, let alone have them care that your kids are doing something they shouldn’t be doing, which may be what brought about this story.

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The Midsize Revolution

10.14.16 - 2017 Chevrolet Colorado

When it comes to a full size pickup truck you have to make a large commitment to the price, the fuel costs and the size of the truck in order to enjoy owning one. Some of these trucks don’t even fit in the garage and are left out in the weather when you’d rather have a garage kept vehicle to drive. In order to have a vehicle that fits in your life much better you should look to the midsize pickup trucks rather than the larger ones. This gives you more fuel savings, a smaller vehicle, but will also allow you the payload and towing you need.

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Finding a New Home

10.11.16 - Manhattan Skyline

When you move around for work or to find a place that offers more recreation than what you had in the past, getting your roots again can be challenging. You have to make new friends and learn about the area which can be exciting and scary at the same time. While finding people that have similar interests to you can be a challenge, if you’re a car or motorcycle enthusiast you can take advantage of that love and turn it into a great group of new friends by joining up with a car club or motorcycle group for some fun.

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Is an Electric Vehicle Right for You?

09.22.16 - EV Recharging Station

Driving helps us get where we need to go quickly and conveniently on a daily basis. Most of the time we don’t think much of our vehicles except to know they’re available for us to ensure we can get from one place to another easily and without much worry. The movement and growth of the number of EVs on the market has changed this a bit. Because most of us are still not familiar with EV models and how they drive along with the amount of range offered we have to consider the fact that the range may not be exactly what’s shown on the instrument gauges.

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