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Limited Model Continue the Excitement for the Ram 1500

01.31.17 - Ram 1500 Ignition Orange Sport

When you have a vehicle or platform that continues on the market long after other brands have completely changed you have to offer something that will continue to garner excitement from the public. This is the situation FCA is in, but they seem to have an expertise in bringing us a variety of trim levels on the popular models that we love to make sure we can continue to have the ride that we want on the road. For the Ram 1500, which is the oldest pickup in its class the design is classic, but the offering of two new special models for the 2017 model year help to keep our interest in this truck maximized.

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Jeep is Ready to Take on Bigger Competition

01.25.17 - Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Most of us love the Jeep brand and the amazing lineup of SUVs it brings to the market. The Wrangler has been buoyed as one of the most beloved and actively used vehicles on the market in history and the Grand Cherokee is the nearly luxury SUV that some will choose over the luxury brand. For some time now, Jeep hasn’t had an answer for the higher priced and more luxurious Land Rover models, and that has been a sore spot for Jeep. That lack of competition is about to end with the models that will return to the market.

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Let Your Imagination Run Wild

01.25.17 - Ram ProMaster City

When you have a van in your stable of vehicles and have the imagination to figure out what can be done with that vehicle, the possibilities are endless. Once many of us pull our minds out of the gutter and forget about putting a bed and the 1970s crushed velvet and beads all around the van, we can often think of great ideas and ways to make a van work in a ways that you might not have ever thought of. In case you missed it or just overlooked them because they were vans, the two offerings from FCA at the SEMA show that came in van form were pretty cool this past year.

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Toyota is Embracing Autonomous Driving in a Different Way

01.18.17 - Toyota Concept-i

The biggest subject on the table, when it comes to research and development in any automotive company, is the development of the autonomous driving tech that will become part of our world over the next several years. Toyota may have the most advanced approach to this self-driving technology as they seem to be focused more on the driver being alert rather than replacing the driver completely in their vehicles. As other companies look to take away any chance of control or overriding the system in place, Toyota has a different approach to their AI.

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What is the Future for Faraday Future?

01.18.17 - Faraday Future FF 91 - 2

As a bold electric car company that’s building a brand new facility in the Nevada desert Faraday Future has successfully brought a super racing car concept to our view, but only teased at what the next car would be. Until recently all we had seen were silhouettes and possibilities of what the car would look like, but this team was expected to reveal their new concept car, which has already entered production, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV, just a few miles from the new Faraday Future facility.

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No More Limos for Putin

01.10.17 - Vladimir Putin

The leader of what used to be the Soviet Union has been riding around in a limousine from a Russian company for many years. ZiL has produced the limo for the Russian president for many years but now the company has gone under and is no more. ZiL is an acronym for Zavod imeni Likhachova which means Plant named for Likhochov. This is a manufacturer you know but you don’t know you know them. They have been building vehicles for over 100 years and you’ve seen their trucks in many of the movies that depict cold war Russia.

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What is Lugging Your Engine and Why You Shouldn’t do it

01.10.17 - Some Guy Doing Some Thing

The term “Lugging Your Engine” is meant to imply you’re making your engine work harder than it should to get up to speed. This means you’re in a gear that’s higher than you should be when you’re driving a manual transmission vehicle. This is extremely bad for your engine because it makes your engine work harder than it should when you need to accelerate, putting unnecessary wear and tear on the engine and causing it to run hotter than it needs to in order to reach the desired speed.

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Tips for Selling Your Car

01.09.17 - Car for Sale

There’s no doubt the best deal you can get on your car is the one you can make. When you trade your car in at a dealership you’re likely to get an offer which is much lower than the Blue Book value of your vehicle because of the work the dealership will have to put into reselling your car. Rather than trade in your ride, get a great price by selling it yourself, but do so with these six easy to follow tips to help you get the right price for you on the car you’ve loved for many miles already.

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You’ll Love this Race

01.09.17 - Lamborghini Huracan

While we mostly want to see you race your car at the track if you’re going to race it, the way this video was set up seems to be a fairly safe way to race as well, minus the added safety benefits that are required at a track. The scene is somewhere in Mexico where you won’t get in as much trouble for racing and where there are more empty and open roads to perform a race of this nature. Now that the safety and caution message has mostly been covered, let’s get down to it.

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Another Way to Use Ride Sharing

01.03.17 - WaiveCar

Ride sharing is becoming a cloudy term that means different things to different people. Some feel like the cars they hire from Uber and Lyft are ride sharing but in this definition all you are doing is sharing the ride. This is akin to splitting a taxi and once the car leaves you at your destination you’re done with it and the driver for the time being. WaiveCar has a different form of ride sharing that makes more sense for you that brings you the type of driving you want to enjoy and offers you the independence you want.

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