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Is This Really the “Beast of Green Hell”?

12.28.16 - Mercedes-AMG GT R

One of the most impressive cars on the market today is the Mercedes-AMG GT R. This is a car that offers roadster good looks, supercar performance, a large wing in the back and the long hood to house a massive engine. Up front you’ll see one of the meanest faces on the entire automotive market and see two eyes that are glaring at you as the flank the wide angry mouth of the massive grill. This car is built to hug the track and to rip through the curves with ease, giving you one of the most impressive performance cars on the market, but is it really the “Beast of Green Hell.”

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If it’s the Future, Rinspeed has It

12.28.16 - Rinspeed Oasis

Rinspeed is a Swiss automaker that has a reputation of having some of the most over the top and forward thinking prototypes for us to admire. This company offers some cars that can do a variety of things and has always been on the cutting edge of technology. With Rinspeed instead of just imagining what the future many hold you often get a look into what the future could be so that you can have the look and feel of a vehicle that will give you more than what you might expect to have on the road.

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What is Project Titan?

12.20.16 - Apple Headquarters

This codename given to the program by Apple to work to develop technology for a new autonomous car is what we’ve thought was a program by which Apple was developing their own autonomous vehicle. That now has become even more confusing because the leaders of Apple aren’t even giving their own people all the information regarding the project. What this project will actually become is one of the most guarded secretes on the automotive and technology industries and we won’t know what it’s going to be until it shows up on the market.

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What’s the Right Accessory for You?

12.20.16 - Apple CarPlay

One of the most fun parts about driving a car you love is tricking it out with parts and accessories that make it easier for you to enjoy the benefits of how you want to drive. When that vehicle is made by Volkswagen you can have a plethora of aftermarket items that can be right for the ride and give you that added feature you’ve been looking for. Loving your VW model is easy and when you add any of these great accessories you can enjoy the ride and the added benefit they give you.

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The Car We Couldn’t Have Patrols Japans Roadways

12.19.16 - Nissan R34 Skyline GT-R Police Cruiser

One of the cars that couldn’t be brought to the US that we wanted to have on our roads and tracks for many years is the Nissan Skyline but it wasn’t allowed to be brought to the US. This car was certainly allowed in Japan and was part of the mistaken horsepower numbers in Japan that had limited all vehicles to a maximum of 276 ponies even though we know now that many of the cars on the road at the time the Skyline was originally built made more power than this, including the Skyline.

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A Regal Way to Have a New Model

12.19.16 - Opel Insignia Sports Tourer

For many years station wagons were the chosen vehicles to cross the landscape of America and these large and bulky cars were perfect for the ride. They offered us the size and capability needed to haul the cargo and the family the way we wanted to and allowed us to take vacations or head to holiday gatherings in vehicles that are perfect for the ride we needed to enjoy. The wagon has become more of a foul name for any vehicle over the years, but recently there has been a change in the market and more wagons are showing back up on the market.

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Did You Ever Think to Fix Your Odometer?

12.12.16 - Odometer

The little dials that tick off the miles of our vehicle have changed over the years to be digital in most cars that are made now, but if you have a vehicle that still has the analog version with the spinning dials you might have to fix the odometer at some point. It seems like an activity that wouldn’t need to ever be done, but just like the rest of your vehicle the odometer can break when the gears and wheels that spin the dials stop functioning or break down. Thankfully this is an easy fix.

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Could We See More Motorcycle Accidents in the Future?

12.12.16 - Lane Splitting

Driving down the highway have you ever had a motorcycle come up next to you trying to share the lane with you? This practice is called lane splitting and it’s something that exists in the gray area of laws on the roads in our country. In nearly every single state this practice is deemed illegal, but as one of the most progressive states in the country, California has a different view of this practice and has allowed lane splitting for years. The problem, until now, is the fact there weren’t any concrete laws to state this action was legal.

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The Safest Places to Drive in the World

12.05.16 - Singapore Skyline

Safety is important and knowing you’re not only protected by your vehicle but also by the right infrastructure and laws in the country you drive in make a huge difference for you to know you’ll have a better chance of arriving home safely. According to the World Health Organization, there is one death on the road every thirty seconds and twenty injuries during this same timeframe. The numbers are staggering for poorer countries that have terrible infrastructures, inadequate laws and vehicles that are built cheaply and without the safety features that we take for granted in more developed countries.

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The First Camless Engine May be in a Chinese Car

12.05.16 - Qoros 3

The automakers that are found in China have been making huge strides over the past few years to produce better quality products and advance technology faster than ever before. With the massive investments being made by these companies we’re going to continue to see improvements in technology in the automotive world with China as the source country. This will certainly include improved EV technology, which is already on its way and should also be the country that uses the camless engine first to bring us a new way to enjoy what an engine can do.

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