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The Softer Side of Luxury

11.28.16 - Infiniti Q70

Luxury used to mean soft rides in comfortable cars that were larger than most, giving you some exceptional features that would allow you to enjoy a great drive. Over the years it seems luxury has changed to mean sporty, planted and exciting as many luxury brands have chased BMW for top billing. In some cases Infiniti is guilty of this as well, but they still offer a car that is one of the most impressive luxury vehicles on the market while still offering you a softer side to the luxury moniker than you find with most other brand names.

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This Car Doesn’t Want to be Left Out of the Party

11.28.16 - Kia Rio

When you take away the supercars of the world, dial back the luxury performance models and even reduce the number of mainstream sports cars we see there is only one other performance category that garners a great deal of attention; the hot hatch. For some reason we love the idea of creating a small car with a hatchback body into a high performance machine that’s meant for the track. These cars are fun and fast giving us something that feels like it’s out of our imagination or just a few add-ons away from starring in a Mad Max movie.

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The Hot Wheels Collection We All Want to Have

11.22.16 - Hot Wheels Collection

When you were a kid playing with Hot Wheels cars may have been fun for you to do for a few years and now that you’re an adult sharing them with your own children is a lot of fun still. For most of us the toys we played with as kids were something we outgrew as we got older and eventually the Hot Wheels cars were sold at a yard sale or smashed up in our teenage and destructive years. Looking back, many of us would love to have a collection of cars like what Bruce Pascall has collected.

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The Nissan Titan Enters Uncharted Waters

11.22.16 - Nissan Titan

For as long as the Nissan Titan has been on the market it’s always been offered as a Crew Cab model. The Single cab offering has not been something that was presented to us a possibility and this has been a part of the market that Nissan has missed out on. For 2017, the Titan will finally be offered as a Single Cab, taking an important step toward the improvement of this market and becoming a choice that you can have if you’re looking for a great new work truck for your business to use at the job site.

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The World of Self-Driving Cars will be Weird

11.21.16 - British Contraption

When we turn our keys and controls over to our cars and have to trust them to get us from one place to another safely the initial change will be extremely strange. If every car on the road were driven autonomously and used the same network to communicate, they could do so seamlessly and could follow along with each other as extremely close intervals. Unfortunately, the reality is we will continue to have human drivers behind the wheel of our vehicles for several years before self-driving technology takes over the roads.

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Will There Be Two Hyundai Pickup Trucks Soon?

11.21.16 - Hyundai Creta STC

The reemergence of the Chevrolet Colorado and the GMC Canyon have created massive upheaval in the industry. These two came charging back from the grave and have shown us the midsized truck segment was serious lacking any excitement or energy. About as close as you could come to a midsized truck that was performing well before these two came back was the Toyota Tacoma, but even that was stagnant. Now that we see movement among many automakers, with a new Tacoma coming, the Nissan Frontier getting better and the newly released Honda Ridgeline, the question is whether or not there will be more midsized trucks.

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The Bomb Squad can Ride in Style; Sort of

11.15.16 - EOD Light Tactical Electric Vehicle

The “nine finger clan” as the Bomb Squad is affectionately called, mostly because some have lost fingers while trying to disarm bombs, now has a new vehicle that’s built just for them. This vehicle looks and rides like an off road dune buggy and is made so that you can ride in it even in your protective gear to allow you to feel a bit safer about heading up to where a bomb may be located and trying to figure out how to diffuse it. With this oversized go kart the Bomb Squad can enjoy better mobility than ever before.

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With This Adventure the Slopes are Never Closed

11.15.16 - Inferno Downhill Challenge

In Switzerland, where the mountains are high, the air is cold and skiing is nearly a year-round activity, there is a downhill ski challenge that offers the longest amateur race in the world. The Inferno Downhill Challenge, which began in 1928, spans a length of 9.8 miles and starts at an elevation of 9,744 feet above sea level. This track winds down a slope of 75 percent descent and gives you a crazy ride, even if you’re on a bed of fresh powder. As one of the most challenging courses on skis, there is something else that has taken on this track and made an amazing run.

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2017 Genesis G90: A New Flagship has Arrived

11.14.16 - Genesis G90

Not only is the Genesis brand new to the market, but the models that have become part of the lineup are also brand new. The success of the Hyundai Genesis has sprouted a brand that we can love as a new luxury brand and the first from Korea to bring luxury to the US as a brand rather than under the mainstream name. The old Hyundai Genesis has been transformed into the new Genesis G80, but what is this new G90? Is this a car that’s made to ensure the G80 isn’t lonely on the market or will it give us the added luxury we want to enjoy?

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2017 Honda Civic: The Second Year Brings More

11.14.16 - Honda Civic - 2

The Honda Civic has been one of our favorite vehicles to drive for many decades, but for some reason the ninth generation of this car would be better left forgotten. This new tenth generation of the model that began in 2016 ushers in a model that brings backs the style, builds, performance and drive that we want to have from the Civic. You might think that Honda would settle in and allow this car to enjoy the success we want to see in this new version of this car, but Honda isn’t doing that at all.

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