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The Old Way Might Still be the Best Way

09.27.16 - Hacker

Do you remember when cars could only be opened by using a key? Not an electronic key fob that allows you to simply push a button, but a key that was similar to the one you use to open the door of your home. With the information that’s been revealed by a research team from the University of Birmingham in a collaboration with the German engineering firm of Kasper & Oswald over 100 million Volkswagen models can be hacked into with a device that costs no more than $40 for all the parts.

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Is an Electric Vehicle Right for You?

09.22.16 - EV Recharging Station

Driving helps us get where we need to go quickly and conveniently on a daily basis. Most of the time we don’t think much of our vehicles except to know they’re available for us to ensure we can get from one place to another easily and without much worry. The movement and growth of the number of EVs on the market has changed this a bit. Because most of us are still not familiar with EV models and how they drive along with the amount of range offered we have to consider the fact that the range may not be exactly what’s shown on the instrument gauges.

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Let’s Talk Pagani

09.12.16 - Pagani Huayra BC

For a car company that’s been around for sixteen years to still be relatively unknown might sound like it should spell doom and deletion from the market, but not if that company is Pagani. This Italian automotive company is the brand that’s built some of the most exclusive cars in the world and every single time they offer a new version of any model they’re gobbled up like a kid with jellybeans at Easter. Most likely these cars are sold this fast because those few who can actually afford them want to make sure they get hold of one before they’re all gone considering the company has only built about 300 cars in the sixteen years it’s been in business.

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Tesla is Expanding but May Run into a Huge Snag

09.06.16 - Tesla Building

News has come that Tesla is working to add a new retail store every four days over the next year in order to expand their global reach. The focus is on markets that include Taipei, Seoul and Mexico City with added expansion in markets that it already has strength in such as the California market. Even though there are some states that still don’t have Tesla stores in them the company sees itself as able to expand easily to offer a new experience for those shoppers who don’t want the typical dealer experience that’s part of our normal vehicle shopping strategy.

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2017 GMC Terrain: Luxury Possibilities in This Class

09.01.16 - 2017 GMC Terrain

What do you think of when you hear the names Subaru Forester, Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4? While all three of these are worthy competitors to the GMC Terrain they don’t have what the Terrain has to offer in this class; a luxury possibility. The long lauded and admired Denali trim is only offered from GMC and the Terrain has the advantage of being able to reach up and give you the high class interior you want on a vehicle that’s made for the rugged outdoors as much as it’s made to tote the kids to the soccer games.

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