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Volkswagen May Have a Fix for the V6 Engines

07.28.16 - 2016 Porsche Cayenne

Last September most of the world was shocked to find out that Volkswagen had been cheating on emissions tests for many years. The discovery in August by a university in West Virginia and then the reveal to the world in September showed the diesel engines in Volkswagen models were fitted with a cheat device that activated the emissions control unit whenever the vehicle was hooked up to be tested. When the vehicle was not being tested the ECU would not function and the vehicle could emit up to forty times the allowable emissions into the atmosphere.

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Change Your Driving Habits to Match Your Transmission

07.24.16 - Dual Clutch Automatic Transmission

The advancements made in the automotive world are nearly as many and as fast as the technology sector. Not only do we now see vehicles that have a wide variety of exceptional technology packed into their features, but we also see improvements in the mechanical portion of the vehicles we drive. One of the most impressive improvements we are enjoying now is the dual clutch automatic transmission, which helps make smoother shifting at all ranges of the vehicle its equipped in. The question we may have is how to drive with this transmission aboard, which may mean you need to change the way you have been driving to match the transmission.

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Car Companies Need to Learn from Packard

07.20.16 - Packard Grille

For many decades the Packard name was one that was admired. This was the name for cars that carried in a smooth engine, a brilliant ride and the top of the luxury market. This was the car company that carried Presidents, the royal family of Japan and many dignitaries. As the most advanced car company in the world for many years it seemed this independent company had found its way to the hearts and minds of many of the car owners of the world to be a brand that we loved to admire and wanted to drive.

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Bringing Back Some Heritage

07.16.16 - Ford GT ’66 Heritage Edition

The new Ford GT is something many of the younger generations have never seen. This is a supercar from Ford that offers what makes the exotics from Europe great. The smooth lines, the attention to the need for increased downforce, the power that pumps out of a V6 and the handling are all in place to make this a car that should win a lot of races and will certainly be gobbled up by those who can afford to own such a car. What most of the younger crowds aren’t aware of is the fact that the Ford GT has been around before and was a dominating car.

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Pairing Two Nations over Hydrogen

07.12.16 - Norway and South Korea

When it comes to producing zero emissions from a vehicle California is the most aggressive place on the planet and the one which has so far been leading the way in every form of alternative fuels for vehicles. This makes California the king of the hydrogen fuel cell vehicles with many of the cars that operate on hydrogen being made by Toyota and Hyundai. Even though Japanese cars currently lead the way when it comes to hydrogen fuel, Norway and South Korea are partnering together to put their own stamp on this market and work toward creating an alliance that will give the Japanese brands some stiff competition.

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FCA Has Big Plans

07.08.16 - 2017 Chrysler Pacifica

The Chrysler division of FCA offers us only a few choices, but one new choice that has been shown off and celebrated recently is the Chrysler Pacifica. As the minivan replacement for the Town & Country the Pacifica gives us a minivan that is made for the future with the features we want to admire and enjoy along with the ability to expand the engagement offered in this minivan. While celebrating the unveiling of this awesome new vehicle there was a lot discussed when Sergio Marchionne, CEO of FCA was present to see what this van is made of and the capability of the plant to give us an idea of what might come next for another model.

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What if You Don’t Want a Prius?

07.04.16 - 2016 Toyota Prius

While the Toyota Prius has been the punchline in many jokes it’s hardly a laughing matter when you consider the impressive fuel mileage and ability to be the right car for giving us a starting point for affordable hybrid powertrains. The Prius has been redesigned and is available to purchase, but there are many among us that aren’t looking at the Prius as our next great car but instead need something else to be the affordable daily driver with great gas mileage. Here are some of the alternatives that give you excellent fuel mileage and impressive styling to be the other models you can have instead of the Prius.

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