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Driving a Manual; The Lost Art Explained

04.23.16 - Manual Transmission

Many years ago the manual transmission was the only one offered and no cars came with power steering either. Driving a car at this time in the history of the automotive industry was a skill you had to practice and learn that did not offer the room for error that comes with the vehicles of today which do most of the work for you. If you do choose to buy a car that has a manual transmission, not one that is automatic and offers paddle shifters, you want to know how to actually perform the shifting and what the benefits of things like downshifting are.

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Defining Funky and Utility in a Practical Way

04.19.16 - 2016 Hyundai Veloster

When you make a vehicle it doesn’t have to conform to every idea of what that vehicle should be. That has been the ongoing statement from many automakers who love to create some of the funkiest models for us to enjoy. The beauty of these vehicles is the fact they are also made for utility and practicality while offering a style that makes you look at them, even if you don’t want to. Another great benefit to most of these is the fact they are all extremely affordable which is always a huge plus for most customers.

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Being Disrespected

04.15.16 - 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander

Should all cars receive respect on the market? Not at all, some don’t have the versatility to be able to fit into several places on the market, but some have enough of what we need to be a great car to buy and enjoy. While you might not like some of these cars, others on this list just might be the right choice for you as you see what these cars that have been disrespected have to offer. Once you find that car which will fit your lifestyle the best, you will wonder why more people aren’t enjoying the car you chose for their driving needs.

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Taking Steps Forward

04.12.16 - Subaru Logo

It seems every automaker on the market has something new to prove each year. This year Subaru has impressed the world with the announcement of a new scalable platform that will underpin every single model in the brand. This will have a dramatic impact on Subaru as a whole and give us a lineup of vehicles that are similar across the board to make it easy to choose which one is right for use to drive. Just find the one that fits your family and your needs and you are off with the Subaru model that is perfect for your driving habits.

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Making a New E-Class is a Big Step for Mercedes-Benz Every Time They Do it

04.09.16 - 2016 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Often we overlook the model where the bread is buttered and focus on the more attractive and glorious of the lineup. In the case of Mercedes-Benz the E-Class has been the most successful selling vehicle over many years and they have created several different version of this car. While we think of it as a midsized luxury sedan in the US this car actually makes some of its life as a taxi cab in other parts of the world to be an extremely cool car to have a cab ride in.

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An Integration We Can All Benefit From

04.06.16 - Automatic Emergency Breaking

Many vehicles are now being made with better safety features and more driver information systems than ever before. One of the most important improvements we have seen in the recent auto industry is the inclusion of automatic emergency braking. This has been one of those features that we look at and wonder why we didn’t have it much sooner. Not only have we regretted the lack of technological advancements that have resulted in a large number of rear end collisions that could have been avoided, but now we see this feature will become a standard offering on vehicles in the near future.

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