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Why are Car Faces So Angry?

Why are Car Faces So Angry

For years the front of the car, its face, looked either serious, playful or even determined, but more often than not the descriptions of your vehicle at the front was not of anger.  The face of the car resembled its character in many ways, offering you a certainty about what the car would be an how it would feel to drive.  Not only could you find cars that seemed genuinely happy to be driven you could buy cars in a wide variety of colors in order to show some of your own personality that would go along with the car.  Now if you want the color to be a personal reflection you need a niche or sports car and sometimes have to pay for the color change. Continue reading

Yeah, Let’s Upgrade That!


Does everything in the automotive world need upgrading?  Can we not just be happy and satisfied with a car that can reach sixty mph in lightning speed with a performance to hold a hairpin turn at top speeds?  Do we really need to keep pushing the envelope to make cars that are faster, better performing, more powerful, more aerodynamic and certainly sportier?  Absolutely, it wouldn’t be in the nature of any car enthusiast to not embrace the ideal of creating vehicles that are better, faster, stronger on every level.  This certainly is not just an American principal either; it’s one that is felt worldwide. Continue reading

What Was That?

Vehicle Making Noise

We all know pretty much what our car should sound like.  We get acquainted with the familiar hum from the engine the roll of the tires on the road and all the other noises in and around the vehicle.  Whether you are driving down the road or just starting up your car you know what it should sound like but when the car has a different sound and shows off with an audibly unfamiliar noise that disrupts your normal vehicular harmony.  Many sounds are akin to an instrument being completely out of tune and will sound this way but do you know what these noises mean?  Here are ten noises you really should be concerned about on your vehicle. Continue reading

Hyundai’s Tucson has the Right Mix

2016 Hyundai Tucson Sedona Sunset

Though not as widely traveled as Phoenix, nor as naturally adorned as Sedona, the city of Tucson, Arizona weighs in as the 33rd largest state in the United States.  It’s filled with history, architecture, and scenic vistas and has generated quite a reputation for being a leader in the innovational optoelectronics field.  Much like its namesake, the Hyundai Tucson has generated much of the same buzz.  Backed by the incredibly reputable name of its manufacturer, the Tucson is much like the city in one respect, it may not be the biggest of the Hyundai lineup, but it’s still pretty awesome. Continue reading

2016 Lexus ES: Comfort in Style

2016 White Lexus ES

Lexus has become a brand name that thumbs its nose at the luxury competition.  Other automakers are wondering how Lexus is able to offer so many luxury features at the prices that the vehicles come in and they certainly are losing sleep over this issue.  When you think of the Lexus ES, there are many things that it is not.  This car is not a BMW 5 Series, it is not a Cadillac CTS, but it is a comfortable ride with plenty of great features for those who want luxury at an affordable price; which the BMW and Caddy cannot boast. Continue reading

2016 Chrysler 200: Luxury  Features; Mainstream Pricing

2016 Chrysler 200

The Chrysler 200 has found itself a bit of a niche in the market.  When paired up against its direct competitors, the Honda Accord, Ford Fusion, Hyundai Sonata and Chevrolet Malibu, the 200 offers more for a similar price than all these models.  When you choose a 200 that is fully loaded, you reach up as close to a luxury model as you can get without actually having a luxury car, which makes the Chrysler 200 one that is full of everything you want with none of the stuff you don’t need. Continue reading

Do you Know the 2016 Volkswagen Passat?

2016 Volkswagen Passat

The Volkswagen Passat has been one of the most popular and highly lauded sedans on the market for us to enjoy.  Volkswagen has always found a way to make the Passat and other offerings great by having driver engaged cockpits and dynamic systems that make the drive more engaged than in most other sedan.  With a newly redesigned Passat there are certainly new and better features that you should get yourself familiar with in order to understand what the car has become and what it will offer you for the best drive during your daily commute, for your trip to the grocery store or even when you want to head out for a drive in the country. Continue reading

Its Civic Time

2016 Honda Civic

The new tenth generation Honda Civic is a completely redesigned model that carries forward the name we have loved and admired for several generations.  Over the years the Civic has gone from a sporty sedan, coupe and hatchback to eventually fall to the fate of many other cars and become more of a plain and boring car that was made for commuting and running errands.  With this new rebuild, Honda is hoping to give us a car that will bring back some of the nostalgia we have for the Civic and present us with a car that reminds us what this car has been and should always be. Continue reading

Can You Keep 700 Horsepower Under Control?  Here’s How to do it.

700 Plus Horsepower

If you have never driven a car that offers over 300 horsepower a jump to 700 will be absolutely insane.  The first rule of thumb is to not try and test the performance or top power of these cars unless you are on a track with a properly trained crew and all the right safety gear.  Once you have these items in place there are a few things to consider before you take a car out to the track and see how well you can handle a full 700 or more of horsepower. Continue reading

2016 Ford Fiesta: Inexpensive Variety

2016 Red Ford Fiesta

Just because a car is on the lower end of the pricing spectrum does not mean it can’t offer some excellent variety.  The Ford Fiesta is the least expensive Ford in the entire lineup yet you can purchase a sedan, five-door hatchback, or the ST.  This gives you a variety of choices in order to make the best one and have a great car to drive that is inexpensive and reliable.  The Fiesta makes a fantastic gift for a student heading off to college and can be give years of great driving and fun on any road. Continue reading