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Ford Announces Mustang Apollo Edition

Mustang Apollo Edition

The Ford Mustang is an American Icon. It exudes the manly muscle car from yesterday for many and the excitement of a new era for others. Likewise, the Apollo mission into outer space was a memorable time in history. In light of the Apollo missions, Ford has announced the Ford Mustang Apollo Edition to celebrate innovation and inspiration. Continue reading

Fun in a Two-Door BMW


The 2015 BMW M235i xDrive is certainly one of the most engaging and sporty luxury coupes from BMW.  Amazingly this little Beemer comes with AWD which is the xDrive for BMW but when you look at the entire lineup you can see that BMW has put the xDrive on nearly every vehicle in the BMW lineup.  This is thanks to the increase in sales of Crossover SUV and the fact that families now have at least one vehicle with AWD aboard and some even refuse to buy a car without it.  This means the smallest car in the BMW lineup needs to have the AWD aboard as one of its options. Continue reading

Camaro Hopes and Dreams

2016 Chevy Camaro Rear

The Camaro has long been a pony car that many love to buy and makes for a great sports car that can be driven daily.  With the new 2016 model just around the corner, there are some items from the 2015 model that hopefully will have been addressed to create a much better overall driving experience.  Understandably the Camaro has never been a car that was advertised as being a comfortable ride with sport and performance as its main components, but some of the items that need to be changed for the new version have to do with the performance, others simply have to do with improving the overall driving experience in the car. Continue reading

The Tale of a Four-Door Porsche 911

Four-Door Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 has been the signature of sports car glory for many generations and several decades.  This model has undertaken simple upgrades over the years to continue to impress and delight fans everywhere with the style, grace and speed that can come from one of these amazing small sports cars.  The 911 has also always been known to be one of the very best handling cars on the road or at the track.  the only real drawback, as with many other sports cars, especially those in roadster versions, has been the small size and lack of more than two seats. Continue reading

Enter the GLC-Class


If you loved the old GLK-Class SUV from Mercedes- Benz, you might just be in a vast minority of drivers.  For the most part the GLK seemed to be a bit of an ugly vehicle compared to the larger and more elegantly styled SUVs from Mercedes-Benz.  It seemed strange for years that the GLK was built the way it was and looked kind of strange in comparison and finally Mercedes-Benz has done the right thing and brought the newest model of this lineup to the forefront with a new model to replace the GLK in the form of the GLC-Class SUV. Continue reading

Surrendering the Roads

Detroit Emergency Vehicle

Perhaps it is the influx of new drivers that aren’t being trained in the ways of the road, or maybe people just aren’t paying close enough attention, but an alarming thing is happening on our roadways.  In many instances, people are failing to surrender the road to emergency vehicles in a timely fashion, and wasting valuable seconds.  Are we unknowledgeable about how to properly give over the road or are simply oblivious that they’re behind our vehicles? Continue reading

What is Coming from Alfa Romeo?

Alfa Romeo Giulia

The two door coupe of the Alfa Romeo 4C was a head turner for several years and has been a sports car that sits well near the top of the luxury sports car world.  As one of the premier names in the world, Alfa Romeo knows it has to have vehicles that are nearly perfect in every way when they hit the streets.  The next offering from this legendary symbol of excellence was already known to be a four-door sedan, but what it would look like was kept under wraps for a long time so we could all marvel at the genius at one time. Continue reading